5 Tips for a Better Blog

February 23

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5 Tips to help you improve the quality and engagement on your Blog.

5 Tips for a Better Blog Image1

1. Give Your Opinion. There are endless sources on the Internet to simply get specification or information on a product, but what makes your blog unique is you! Use your unique experience and personality to add your own spin on things and share what you think is interesting about something instead of just copy and pasting what can be found elsewhere.

2. Use Images. The appropriate use of images in your blog can really enhance the way readers experience your content. For example, before and after images are a great way to show what effect a filter has on an image, and tutorials that include UI screenshots can help new users feel comfortable with an interface they have not seen before. Saving the reader valuable time, and providing breaks between text blocks.

3. Be Consistent. This means that you follow a format and interval for content that makes sense for your schedule and style. By planning to publish a blog every week, two weeks or even once a month helps your audience anticipate your posts, increasing the amount of repeat visitors to your blog.

4. Support Your Blog. Even with consistent content, it doesn’t hurt to send a reminder that you’ve released a new post. Use your other outlets like email, facebook and other social networks to encourage people to visit your blog to learn more about offers and products you are promoting.

5. Add Variety. This might seem counter to the “be consistent” tip above, but the reality is, trying new things helps you find out what works best, and can even attract people to your blog that you might not have attracted otherwise. Experimenting with a variety of content can help you find your niche. If you usually do tutorial blog posts, experiment with a screen capture tutorial, or try changing the duration and complexity of your tutorials to see what your audience responds to, you might be surprised by how making small changes can encourage engagement and help grow your audience!

BONUS! Don't forget to add your affiliate links to blog posts you create, you can link images, text and even include banners on the page if your site supports it!

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