Navigating ads in Impact Radius

January 31

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Learn how to search for and find ads in Impact Radius to place on your website, emails or Social Media

The majority of the time, the most useful, current ads will be delivered directly to your inbox via the promotional and information emails before an offer goes live, but you may find a time where you would like to browse other current offers or replace ads on your site with a different design.

To do this, first: login to your Impact Radius account here:

Then on the top bar, click on: Ads>Search Ads:

Navigating ads in Impact Radius Image1

This will bring you to the Main Ads Page. On this page, you can search for and filter ads by campaign(if you are a part of affiliate programs other than Skylum’s on Impact Radius), Ad Type (Banner and Text Link are the most common), and Deal (if there is a special deal associated with an offer).

Navigating ads in Impact Radius Image2

In the example below, I typed in “luminar” to show all of the available luminar ads. As you can see, all of the ads that are related to Luminar are shown below after hitting the search button (magnifying glass icon).  

Navigating ads in Impact Radius Image3

Once you find the an ad that matches your needs, you can click on the “Get code” text on the right side of the related ad, and you will be presented with the ad code you can then link to a position on your blog/website for a banner, or link to text when you mention the related item.

Navigating ads in Impact Radius Image4

From here you can copy the “Tracking Link” text and paste it in link section of your blog editor(it usually looks like a Navigating ads in Impact Radius Image5  or chain icon You may need to add http: to the front of the link text if it is not copied automatically.

If you have any questions or need additional help, please feel free to contact me: [email protected]

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