Niels Dam

Niels was born and raised in the Netherlands and recently started his medical residency at the Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam. He began taking photos a little over four years ago and soon took an interest in landscapes and cityscapes. Whenever he has some free time, he loves heading out to shoot the city or visit one of the numerous locations with typical Dutch landscapes. Niels loves to travel and shoot; most recently, he took a road trip through Italy, visiting Tuscany, Cinque Terre, and the Dolomites. There are still many locations on Niel’s bucket list, including Iceland, Scotland, and Namibia. “For me, photography has gradually evolved into something more serious; however, it still remains something I prefer to do as a pastime rather than professionally,” says Niels.

Luminar provides an easy and intuitive way of processing images. I currently use the Luminar Flex plugin in my Photoshop workflow to enhance my images and create their final look. Thanks to its clear interface and many filters, Luminar opens up a world of creativity and takes my images in directions I wouldn’t have thought of before, bringing my processing to a new level.