Paulo Costa

Paulo Costa was born and raised in Portugal. In addition to his day job as a product manager, Paulo is a self-taught travel photographer who enjoys capturing cityscapes, landscapes, and architecture. He’s visited almost 60 countries, combining his love of travel with his passion for photography, and is always looking for new ways to capture emotions and cultures. Paulo is an avid learner and is always striving for perfection in everything related to photography. He has won several photography prizes and has been published in national magazines, but he mainly sells his work through stock photography.

I found Luminar two years ago and it was love at first sight! The ease of processing and the different filters that one can add in order to be creative in an image are truly awesome. This software transforms the way of editing an image and opens a door to the future of photography. I really believe in this product, and it is an honor for me to work with Skylum.