The 1st AI Sky Replacement in Action

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The days of spending a lot of time manually creating a complicated mask to replace skies in an image are over thanks to Skylum’s new AI Sky Replacement tool that will be released in Luminar 4 this fall. Using the power of artificial intelligence, the AI Sky Replacement filter automatically analyzes an image, identifies where the sky begins and ends, then seamlessly replaces the sky to create a realistic look.

Your lost edits are safe. Luminar 3.1.3 has them.

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There’s always room for perfection. At Luminar, we fill this room with updates. In this blog post, we’ll tell you what we’ve improved, fixed, and implemented in Luminar 3.1.3. All to make Luminar smarter, better, and faster. For you.

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Why the new Luminar has me so excited.

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Everything Luminar 4 is (and is not).

New AI tools in Luminar 4
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