Amirul Adzim

Amirul Adzim is a self-taught landscape photographer who enjoys capturing nature with his drone, smartphone, and a mirrorless camera. Surrounded by the beautiful landscape of northern Malaysia, where he grew up and still lives, Amirul was inspired to start taking pictures and sharing his own perspective with others. He uses social media as the main platform to showcase his photography. His style takes nature as the main theme for landscapes, portraits, and other subjects. Amirul has won several awards from Twenty20 and has won competitions by Air Asia and Sony. He also has collaborated with global brands including Meizu, a popular Chinese smartphone maker.

Luminar is a very powerful software that can do things fast and easier. As a landscape photographer, I found that Luminar has a lot of features that really can make my photos stand out, such as the Sunrays tool, beautiful preinstalled filters, and AI Sky Enhancer. I love the AI features. With a single click, you can get a result instantly without wasting any time. It’s fun and easy to use. I really recommend it to everyone!