Darren Coleshill

Darren Coleshill is a multi-award-winning blogger and landscape photographer who lives in South East England with his beautiful family. He’s had a passion for photography from the moment he received his first Polaroid camera for Christmas as a child. Over time, this passion developed into something much more. Darren loves being out in the fresh air and capturing the ever-changing landscape. He tries to focus on the unique moments that nature gives us. His goal is to inspire people to get outside and enjoy the freedom that landscape photography gives.

I love how Luminar caters for all levels of photography, from people wanting to create quick and easy edits to the more experienced editors who want full control. From the moment I started with Luminar, I haven’t looked back. Seamless editing is key to me, I want my software to work exactly as I would expect it to, I don’t want to be stressing over editing, it should be a fun experience.