Gianluca Ferradino

Born in Italy, Gianluca Ferradino has dedicated himself for years to post-production photography, collaborating with dozens of photographers and several editorial and promotional production studios. For Gianluca, photographic retouching is a passion born over 15 years ago that he has managed to turn into a job. He specializes in the processing of portrait, still life, beauty, and fashion photography and is currently among the most referenced digital imaging technicians in Italy. Gianluca also provides training through workshops that allow him to help professional photographers improve their skills and speed up their post-production work.

My clients asked me for an above-average post-production level and I found the perfect partner for my work in Luminar. Since I was able to preview Luminar 4 and the new features on skin and portraits, I was amazed by the time I can now save compared to previous software techniques.