Shumon Saito

Shumon Saito is an award-winning landscape photographer based in Japan. He began taking photos in 2013 after meeting a landscape photographer in California. While working overseas, Shumon was inspired by the realism he saw in photography and decided to adopt the shooting and retouching techniques that give a sense of realism and make people feel their presence in an image. A self-taught photographer, Shumon has written for camera magazines and books. He shares his photography methods and RAW development and retouching techniques through his website.

I’ve been using Luminar since 2018 and was surprised by the dramatic improvement in processing speed between Luminar 3 and Luminar 4. I love the fact that just one click can adjust methods and effects that require some time to set by hand. Luminar is a revolutionary software that makes the development and post-processing workflow much easier.