Takahiro Sakai

Takahiro is a professional photographer based in Tokyo who specializes in portrait photography. He’s known for his original use of color, which results in clear and pure images. Takahiro’s works tell a story by highlighting the charm of each model. Although Takahiro only began working independently in 2019, he quickly became popular on different platforms. He’s active in a wide range of areas including commercial advertisements and portrait series with Nikon Japan. He’s also involved in operating the website NICO STOP. Moreover, his photography classes and signature presets are very popular.

With Luminar, I can give a much needed final touch to edited photos. Luminar performs great as a standalone application, but even using it as a plugin has helped me increase my productivity. The main appeal of this software is that you can easily retouch the skin and face in a portrait as well as adjust the color tone of your photos. I think this editing software has the potential to broaden the means of emotional expression in photography not only for those who use Luminar alone but for those who use other editing software.