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When it feels
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Achieve a perfect bokeh effect in your
portraits with any lens, in any light.

When it feels like Bokeh

Bokeh effect in any possible situation

We love the quality that bokeh mode adds to an image. The ability to control focus and blur the image background creates a fantastic atmosphere and charm. Achieve the so-called bokeh camera effect with any lens — and in any lighting conditions. Portrait BokehAI in LuminarAI lets you develop aesthetically pleasing portraits whenever you feel like it. Discover a fast and easy way to create a bokeh effect in Adobe Photoshop® with the LuminarAI plugin.

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How to blur the background and more

Add another level of control over your creative ideas. With Portrait BokehAI, you can tweak and refine every single detail. No manual masking or layers needed.

Jump straight into advanced editing, made easy. Choose the bokeh depth of field and blurriness for your photo. Refine the exposure, color temperature, and glowing highlights for the background. Carry your inspiration from raw file to desired result in a few clicks.

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Mask to stand out

Work out the final strokes. With Portrait BokehAI, you can edit a mask with manual bokeh brush strokes in particular areas, fine-tune the sharpness of the smallest details, or add extra focus where needed. Portrait BokehAI makes it easy to satisfy any creative requests: blur the background and create the perfect bokeh effect in your pictures with the LuminarAI plugin for Adobe Photoshop® and Adobe Lightroom Classic®.

What is the bokeh effect?

Bokeh is the way the camera lens renders out of focus objects, resulting in a creamy and hazy background blur. However, bokeh quality depends on the camera lens (for example, macro or telephoto), lighting conditions, and the photographer’s skills. With LuminarAI, you don’t need any bokeh tutorials or photography gear: you can achieve dreamy images in one click with the Portrait BokehAI tool.

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