Object removal
Object removal

Object removal

Luminar for Mac makes it easy to remove objects from your photos. These objects could be dust spots on your sensor, trash on the ground, telephone wires or any number of distractions to an otherwise fine photo. Luminar offers two tools for object removal: a healing brush and the clone&stamp tool. The healing brush lets you simply "mark" what you want removed and then press the Erase button. Luminar will analyze the photo and perform a content background fill so that the object is replaced perfectly. The clone&stamp tool lets you specify an area of the photo from which to copy (AKA "stamp"), thereby replacing the object with an exact copy of the area you specified. Very easy to use, these two tool let you perform object replacement very quickly.To try Luminar on your own images and test object removal for yourself, simply download a free trial version at The trial version lasts forever, giving you plenty of time to remove objects on your images and be satisfied that Luminar is your preferred software for all kinds of photo editing.

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