Presets by Ami Vitale

Together with National Geographic photojournalist Ami Vitale, we’ve created an exclusive Presets collection for landscapes and wildlife photography. Capture the essence of nature and let your photos tell deeply impactful stories.

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Earth Essence Presets - Ami Vitale
Earth Essence Presets - Ami Vitale(2)
Earth Essence Presets - Ami Vitale(3)
Earth Essence Presets - Ami Vitale(4)
Earth Essence Presets - Ami Vitale(5)
Earth Essence Presets - Ami Vitale(6)

We are proudly supporting charitable organization Vital Impacts

Vital Impacts believes art and stories can help support conservation efforts and highlight the work of visual journalists who highlight important environmental issues. The incredible work of these journalists brings attention to the ways communities are working to protect the environment and wildlife. By working with top environmental photographers, Vital Impacts creates powerful stories that show how our well-being is connected to the health of the planet.

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About Ami Vitale

Ami Vitale, founder and executive director of Vital Impacts, is also a Nikon ambassador, writer, speaker, and documentary filmmaker. She has visited over 100 countries, capturing the tragic impacts of war and the uplifting efforts of people making positive changes. Recognized as one of the top conservation photographers of her time, she has received numerous awards and honors for her work.

Earth Essence Presets - Ami Vitale(7)
Earth Essence Presets - Ami Vitale(9)