Elena Liseykina

Elena Liseykina is a travel and landscape photographer who’s also an ambassador for Fujifilm, Gitzo, and B+W in Russia. She works with the government tourism agencies of Jordan, Montenegro, and Finland, large ferry companies, hotels, and carmakers. Elena’s articles and photographs have been published in Russian and foreign journals and used in calendars and on the covers of books. “I belong to those people who are ready to break out of the house at 2 o'clock in the morning for a beautiful frame, go somewhere for 200 kilometers, take an hour at dawn, then go back,” Elena says.

Luminar helps me make pictures that show the world as I see it at the moment of shooting. This software has a lot of handy tools and presets. There is everything you need to work with photos: curves, light preferences, shadows, white balance, selective work with color. And all of this comes with support for layers and masks. Thanks to this, you can edit photos very locally and achieve the results you want in one program – and quite simply.