Ilya Nodia

Cinematic photographer, Ilya Nodia’s style is a superb mix of cinematic, compositing and storytelling. Inspired by his passion for movies and computer games, he utilizes commercial-style light and colors to chronicle epic narratives in a single shot, much like the legendary Gregory Crewdson. Today, he’s involved in commercial and advertising projects, using his knack for weaving cinematic images to create photographs for shows, performances, small businesses and even escape rooms. Perhaps fittingly, the West Siberian-born Nodia is living in Los Angeles, the movie capital of the world.

I love Luminar for the delicacy of its AI tools. For the past two years, I’ve been steadily going for creating cinematic colors for my shots. I like the restrained tones, the correct color balance and the ability to use color schemes created by experts. I work with different software, but what Luminar offers in terms of creating the cinematic vibe — textures and colors — I can’t replicate in any of them. And another benefit — it doesn’t require much effort.