Keyboard Shortcuts


Activates split-screen comparison mode where the original image is on the left side and the edited result will be on the right side. To exit the mode press the ; button again.

' Activates before/after comparison. When the key is pressed, the original image will be shown. Releasing the key will reveal the enhanced image.

Tab Show/hide the Preset panel at the bottom of the window and Side panel along right edge. The key will activate previously shown windows.

File Menu

Ctrl+O Opens an Image
Ctrl+P Print 

Edit Menu
Ctrl+Z Undo
Ctrl+Y Redo

Tools Menu

C Enter the Crop tool 

B Activate the Masking Brush tool

G Activates the Gradient Mask tool

R Activates the Radial Mask tool

Mask Editing

Decrease the brush radius

Increase the brush radius

Shift+[ Decrease the brush softness

Shift+] Increase the brush softness

Ctrl+I Invert the layer mask

View Menu

Ctrl++ Zoom In

Ctrl+- Zoom Out

Download the full Luminar 2018 User Guide for Windows in PDF Format

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