How to export and share photos
How to export and share photos

How to export and share photos in Luminar

Once you create a great photo, you'll want to quickly share or save it. When using Luminar as a plug-in or Photos extension, you'll be able to quickly save the image and return to the host application. But when using Luminar as a standalone software, you get many more great choices to export your beautiful photo. Luminar includes fast built-in sharing to your favorite social media, including Twitter and Facebook. If you use SmugMug or Flickr, you can quickly export your photos directly to either of those online image hosting services. 

When saving a photo, you'll also get a variety of photo formats to choose from, including PNG, TIFF and JPEG. Luminar allows you to sharpen and resize the photo when exporting. So if you want to make an image more clear or change the size of your photo, simply adjust the necessary settings. 

Watch this video to learn more about all of the options to save and share image from Luminar. Pro photographer Jim Nix explains them all. If you have questions or suggestions on how to export your images in the best way, please contact Skylum Support at

Don’t have a photo editor for your Mac yet? Go to the Luminar page and download a free trial. Or you could get the full version of the software at an affordable price, with access to over 300 great tools and features. Luminar is the world’s first photo editor that adapts to your skill level. Have fun editing with Luminar by Skylum.