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Where can I download the app?

You can easily download free trial from a product page, or just enter your email here to get it

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What is the difference between Mac App Store and CK version?

The standard version of Tonality is available exclusively on the Mac App Store, while the professional-level Tonality CK is only available on the Skylum website as a part of Creative Kit bundle.

Tonality CK includes a ton of key features that make it essential for serious pro-sumers and professionals who want to explore the outer limits of fine art creativity:

1. Can be used as a plug-in and extension.

2. Can be used as a Smart Object when running in Photoshop.

3. Adds Layer-based Blend Modes.

4. Increases the number of Layers to 8 (from 5 in the standard version).

5. Adds the ability to use the original source color image for each Layer.

6. Upgrades the popular Vignette tool with Place Center and Luminosity controls, allowing you to truly highlight the most important subject of your photo.

7. Includes a Zone System readouts within the Histogram to balance gray shades for superior contrast.

8. Adds new shortcut keys for faster workflow.

9. Adds Tonal Range Clipping and Pixel Saturation features to the Histogram.

10. Has built-in batch processing.

Can I upgrade from standard version to CK?

If you would like to upgrade from the standard version of Tonality purchased from the Mac App Store, please contact our 24/7 support team via

They will send you a special link so that you’ll only pay the difference between the standard and CK versions.

Please, note that you should have the Mac App Store version installed on your computer in order to activate the upgraded Pro version.

Can I install Tonality CK on more than 1 Mac?

You can install and activate Tonality CK on up to 5 Macs with one license key.

How do I activate Tonality CK?

1. Launch Tonality CK

2. Click Activate on the welcome screen.

3. Then enter your email + activation code.

If you ever lose your activation key, you'll to restore it here:

Where can I find my license for Tonality CK?

To locate your License Code, please, follow this link:

Enter your email address you used to activate Tonality CK under License Retrieval and hit Proceed.

Click on “Email the license” next to Tonality Pro and find it in your inbox.

How do I manually check for updates?

Tonality CK is designed to receive all free software updates automatically. However, if for some reason this doesn't occur, or you want to make sure you're using the latest version, simply choose "Check for updates" in the Tonality CK menu in the upper left-hand corner (near the Apple logo).

What languages are supported?

Tonality CK is available in these languages: English, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Chinese, Japanese.

What is Tonality CK?

Tonality is the most advanced and feature rich black & white image editor on Mac OS. With a fantastic and wholly complete set of darkroom-inspired features, Tonality allows you to easily create amazing fine art monochrome photos.

How do I import and use textures in Tonality CK?

Custom textures you've downloaded can not be imported and permanently stored into Tonality CK. However, here's a brief guide on how to use a custom texture during an editing session:

1. Download & save Textures to a Mac folder so you can find them.

2. Launch Tonality and open up the Texture Overlay Panel.

3. Click “Select Texture” and click the button “Load Custom Texture”.

4. Locate the Texture file you previously saved.

5. Your Texture will load and be available for use.

6. Adjust the Amount slider to control the opacity of the Texture.

7. Experiment with the Blend modes for additional creative options.

Also, you may refer to the article below:

Where can I get more free presets for Tonality CK?

Visit the page: or click on “More presets” in the Presets Panel in Tonality.

How to install .mptpack presets in Tonality CK

The new presets are compatible only with the latest version of the app.
So, please, update Tonality CK to the latest version this way: launch the app > upload an image > click on Tonality CK in the top left corner > Check for updates > Install.

Double click on the downloaded file or simply drag this file to the Tonality icon. It will immediately appear in your Tonality Presets Collection.

What are the shortcuts in Tonality CK?

Use these shortcuts to speed up your creative workflow in Tonality CK:


CMD + Q - Quit Intensify

CMD + H - Hide Intensify

Alt+ CMD + H - Hide Others


CMD + O - Open

CMD + P - Print

Shift + CMD + P - Page Setup


CMD + C - Copy

CMD + V - Insert

CMD + Z - Undo

Alt + CMD + Z - Redo


CMD + "+" - Zoom In Picture

CMD + "-" - Zoom Out Picture

CMD + 0 - Fit to Screen

CMD + 1 - Actual Size

Ctrl + CMD +F - Enter Full Screen

Alt+CMD+C - Enter Compare mode

CMD+L to Rotate the Image Left

CMD+R to Rotate the Image Right


CMD + M - Minimize window


"X" - Switch between the modes erase / draw

"[" - Decrease the radius of the brush by 3%

"]" - Increase the radius of the brush by 3%

"/" - Show mask in Retouch

"\" - Quick Compare

E - Erase mode

H - Hand Mode

B - Brush mode

G - Gradient mode

C - Crop

Will it work as a Photos extension?

Yes, Tonality CK can be used as a Photos Extension on Mac OS X 10.11 or newer.

How do I use Tonality CK as Photos extension?

First of all, please make sure your Mac OS is not older than 10.11.

After that, install Tonality CK as a Photos extension following the steps below.

1. Launch Tonality CK.

2. Launch Photos application and open the image you want to edit in Tonality.

3. In the top-right corner click on Edit > Extensions.

4. Select Tonality CK.

5. After that, Tonality CK will be available as an extension in Photos.

Will Tonality CK work as a plug-in?

Yes, Tonality CK is integrated as plug-in with Lightroom 4, 5, 6 and CC; Photoshop Elements 10-14 (App Store version is not supported due to Apple Sandboxing); Apple Aperture 3.2 or later; Adobe Photoshop CS5, CS6 or CC 2014, СС 2015, СС.

How do I install Tonality CK plug-ins?

Launch Tonality CK, load an image, click on Tonality CK in the left top corner of the screen > "Install Plug-ins" menu.

How to use Tonality CK as a plug-in in Lightroom?

To use the plug-in inside from Lightroom, go to Lightroom > Photo > Edit In > Tonality CK

How to use Tonality CK as a plug-in in Photoshop?

At the top menu bar, please click Filter > Skylum Creative Kit > Tonality CK

How to use Tonality CK as a plug-in in Aperture?

Select the desired image, go to the top menu bar and choose Photos > Edit with Plug-in > Tonality CK

How to transfer the edited image to another app?

You can open the edited image in another app directly from Tonality CK by clicking on File > Open in… at the top menu bar, and choosing the desired app.