Alex Qian

Alex Qian is a Chicago-based photographer and videographer who loves to explore urban and natural landscapes alike! His path started in the Corporate Finance world where he caught a bad case of the travel bug and started backpacking around the world. This was about the time Alex discovered photography and quickly learned that he needed a better camera to tell stories and bring high-quality memories home. A few years later, Alex has left his old career to be able to do what he loves independently with his creative businesses! He is passionate about his photography community and is involved heavily in the Chi.Shooters organization and various photography communities worldwide!

My Luminar experience started with utilizing Luminar 3 as a plugin with Adobe Photoshop. I really liked the AI tools and ease of use Luminar provided which gave me the same results as more technical processes that would normally be achieved with manual actions in Photoshop. The neat thing was I didn't need to disrupt my existing workflow, it simply fit right in. Now that Luminar 4 is out, I've been playing with the new sky replacement functions and the intelligence of the software is insane!