Creative Kit 2016

Made exclusively for Mac users, Creative Kit 2016 is your ticket to the most amazing images you’ve ever created. With a variety of powerful tools at your fingertips, you’ll not only repair and fine-tune your photos, but take them to entirely new mind-blowing levels in minutes.

The Creative Kit 2016 is a single installation file that contains Pro versions of ALL Skylum award-winning photo apps. These include Noiseless, Tonality, Intensify, Snapheal, Focus and FX Photo Studio. The Pro versions run as either standalone apps or plug-in to software like Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom and Apple Aperture and Photos for Mac.

You get over 400 powerful creative tools, built-in social sharing and full integration with the new Skylum App Center—which let’s you easily transfer photos between apps for maximum creativity and a fast workflow.

Creative Kit 2016 includes 6 photography applications, designed exclusively for Mac users. Every software in the bundle is extremely powerful by itself, but together they create a true powerhouse for your photography editing. 

Noiseless CK

Noiseless is noise reduction software we made for humans. It's fast and smart, with proprietary technology, that makes your low-light photos look their best almost instantly. Just click a button and you'll get crisp, natural-looking photos no matter what camera you use. With unique algorithms for smartphone photos and RAW files, it's a “must-have” tool to fight pesky digital noise that can ruin otherwise great photos. For more information about Noiseless, check this guide. 

Tonality CK

Tonality is simply the most advanced black and white photo editor for Mac. It's the only software of it's kind named "Editor's Choice" by Apple. Featuring over 160 creative presets, you can explore and pick a desired style in seconds. Authentic film emulation, grain, split toning & other innovative features combine the timeless style of classic black and white with state of the art technology. The result? Ultimate creative possibilities that stand the test of time! For more information about Tonality, check this guide.

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Intensify CK

Intensify helps you reveal the hidden beauty of your photos. With dozens of professionally-created presets, making stunning, dramatic images is as easy as clicking a button. Get full editing control over every pixel with selective editing, layers, powerful structure, detail and contrast controls and more. You'll easily get fantastic results even from the most ordinary shots. For more information about Intensify, check this guide.

Snapheal CK

Snapheal is “flat-out” the world’s most advanced image healing software. You can remove unwanted objects, dust spots, strangers and more from photos, ultra-fast and with more flexibility than ever. With nine intelligent algorithms, you’ll have all the power you need to repair to tackle any situation and repair any type of photo! For more information about Snapheal, check this guide.

Photo Editing Software for Mac by Skylum https: getstarted creative kit overview creative kit

Focus CK

Focus creates stylized blur, focus and lens effects to emphasize important subjects in your photos. You’ll create professional quality effects for your images without the expense of specialized lenses. Focus’ face detection engine also allows for one-click portrait enhancements. Custom focus, tilt-shift and motion blur can be used to add a sense of action and movement to photos or even create a miniature style effect. For more information about Focus, check this guide.

FX Photo Studio CK

FX Photo Studio is a creative powerhouse for digital photo editing. With over 200 photo effects, filters and frames, thousands of unique creative styles are right at your fingertips. Analog, Hollywood, Halftone, Sketch, Color, Vintage, Art, Grunge and dozens of others. For more information about FX Photo Studio, check this guide.

Photo Editing Software for Mac by Skylum https: getstarted creative kit overview creative kit