Adjustment tools.

Once you determine your selective focus or tilt-shift style, you can fine tune your image with the Focus adjust panel to get just the result you are looking for. Portrait, Nature, Architecture, Macro, and Tilt-Shift all have the following additional adjustment controls


Allows you to control the way that your blurred areas are being affected in your image.

Amount. Allows you to change how much blur will be applied.
Vignette. Decreases the luminosity of the areas within the affected blur radius.
Contrast. Adjusts the way contrast is applied in the affected blur radius.
Highlights. Adjusts the highlight values within the affected blur radius.
Saturation. Affects the potency of color in the affected blur radius.

Photo Editing Software for Mac by Skylum https: getstarted focus focus adjustment tools


This section adds additional blur, if desired, with the emulation of motion blur.

Amount. Allows you to increase the effect of motion blur on your image.
Angle. Allows you to determine the angle at which your motion appears to be moving.

In Focus.

This section allows you to alter the detail within the focused area of your image, as determined by the original blur application.

Brightness. Controls the luminosity within the focus area.
Sharpen. Controls the detail edges in your focus area to add perceived sharpness.
Clarity. Allows you to increase the contrast in the midtones, introducing more depth between the relationships of values that lie in the focus area.
Vividness. Increases the vibrancy and relative color saturation in the focus area.

Custom Editing Tools.

In addition to the available adjustment tools listed above,
the custom selective focus mode allows you to paint with the blur mask, add custom motion blur.

Radial motion blur. Allows you to have a blur effect that radiates out from a central point that can be adjusted in size and effect feathering.

Linear motion blur. Allows you to have a blur effect that is applied in a linear fashion across you image, at an angle and blur distance of your choosing.

Within each mode, you have the following two buttons at the bottom of the panel.

Compare. Allows you to see the base image without the effect applied.

Reset. Allows you to return to the base image without applying any blur effect.