Interface overview.

When you first launch Intensify CK, you are given the option to open a new image from the Open dialog window. Select the folder where your image resides, choose the photo you want to edit and click Open.

Photo Editing Software for Mac by Skylum https: getstarted intensify intensify interface overview

The right side of the interface gives you access to the presets and the adjust tools. To learn more about them, visit the corresponding sections of the user guide. The TOP menu features a number of important tools that will provide you with a comfortable photo editing experience. 

From left to the right.

Open Image. Opens the Open dialog for selecting an image to edit.

Batch Processing. Opens the Batch Processing window to edit multiple images at once.

Save & Share. Reveals a panel that allows you to export the image, transfer the image to another Creative Kit application or directly share to popular social media and gallery sites.

Show Navigator. Opens the Navigator window which is handy for moving around a large image when zoomed in.

Zoom in and out tools. Controls for viewing an image at 100% or Fit to Window, or at a selective zoom level with the + or - magnifying glass.

Quick preview. Switches between the original and edited images.

Compare. Provides a side-by-side view of the original and edited images.

Undo and Redo. Reverses the last editing steps to the beginning of the session, or moves forward to the current editing step.

Move mode. Use to move the image around when zoomed in.

Brush mode. Use to brush effects and adjustments into the image - creates a Mask wherever brushed.

Erase mask. Erases any effect or adjustment on the image.

Gradient tool. Creates a gradient mask on the image which can be inverted or rotated. Effects and adjustments are applied to the mask.