Noiseless presets.

When you first open a photo in Noiseless the software automatically analyzes the image and suggests the best level of noise reduction so long as the image has “EXIF” data attached - this is the information your camera writes into the file when a photo is captured. 

The level of noise reduction will be one of the default presets shown and will be highlighted. If no EXIF data is present, no preset will be selected.

These presets represent the relative amount of noise reduction being applied to a given image and range from Lightest and Moderate to Strong and Extreme, as well as Balanced and Soft. 

Clicking on each preset will apply noise reduction to the image and also reveal an Amount slider set to 100%. Moving the slider to the left will lessen the amount of noise reduction applied.

IMPORTANT: The preset that Noiseless picks is only a suggestion. Every image is different, so it is recommended that you experiment with different presets to get the best possible result. Noiseless contains three tabs to access different presets.

Default are presets created by the Skylum Team.

Favorites are presets that you tag with a star (by clicking on the star shape in each preset). Use these presets to create a consistent edit across a series of images.

Custom presets are presets created by you or additional presets that you import from Skylum or fellow photographers.

In addition, when working in Noiseless CK (and not the App Store version of Noiseless), 2 more presets will be present: Balanced and Soft. When reading in a RAW file, each preset will also get a label noting the use of Skylum’s proprietary RAW de-noise technology.

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Customize presets.

Once you select a preset, you have the ability to adjust that preset to fit your specific image needs by using slider adjustments of Color Temperature, Tone, Clarity & Structure, Color Filter, Tone Curve, Split Toning, Glow, Lens Blur, Texture Overlay, Vignette, Grain, Photo Frames, and Layer Properties. These are located in the Adjust panel.

Within each section are a variety of sliders that control everything from highlight and shadow detail to a specific look of grain or photo frames. Every preset can function as the jumping off point for your own customization with user-friendly tools and one click adjustments.

Create a custom preset.

To create your own presets click the “Create a Preset” button at the bottom of the adjustment panel. A dialog box will pop up asking you to name your preset and to Add or Cancel. Once you've added the preset, it will appear in the Custom tab of the Presets panel.

Share a custom preset.

The presets in Noiseless are easily accessible, allowing you to share or add presets at anytime. Simply choose “File > Show Presets Folder” or right-click a thumbnail to select Show in Finder.

Next you can find and select the presets you want to share, then send them to fellow Skylum users. If you want to add presets that someone has sent you, simply drag them into the Presets Folder.