Erasing tools.

Erase Tab.

To erase an object, first choose the Selection Tool in the Erase tab.

Brush tool will allow you to highlight the object to remove. Simply draw over the object. Eraser allows you to refine your brush selections before applying the Erase! function. section lets you choose the brush diameter for Brush or Eraser tool.

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Lasso - allows you to draw a line around your desired retouch area - best for large objects. Polygonal Lasso - Click in one spot, and then another to create a straight line between two points and create your selection. Free - Free form drawing mode to create your selection.

Clone Stamp. The Clone & Stamp Tool allows you to duplicate part of an image. This process involves setting a sample point that will be used as a reference to create a new cloned area. It works similarly to Clone Stamp tool in Luminar.

Click and hold the “Option” button and set the sample point by clicking. Release “Option” and paint anywhere on the picture. The cloned area will be drawn continuously until you release the mouse.

Photo Editing Software for Mac by Skylum https: getstarted snapheal erasing objects snapheal

Global Erasing Mode.

This is a general purpose mode. The powerful CleanPics algorithm tries to find new patterns throughout the entire image. It takes the full image into account.

Local Erasing Mode.

This algorithm looks specifically around the marked area trying to find similar patterns to fill the selected area.

Dynamic Erasing Mode.

This algorithm tries to fill the selected area by dynamically generating new patterns from pixels on the edges of the marked area.


The precision of your erase mode will determine how the algorithm is applied.

1. Normal Precision. Fastest Method, most useful for simple erasing.
2. High Precision. Gives quality results with faster processing.
3. Highest Precision. Gives best quality but takes a little longer to process.


This is the button that will start the object removal process, locating the selections you have made and applying the desired algorithm precision and erase mode. You can start this process in Snapheal CK by hitting the Erase! button or clicking on one of the three erasing modes, which will start the process instantly.