Tonality interface.

When you first launch Tonality, you are given the option to open a new image from the Open dialog window. Select the folder where your image resides, choose the photo you want to edit and click Open.

Note: If you are using Tonality CK as a plug-in, open the desired image in your host application and then follow these steps:

Adobe Photoshop.
When working on an Image: Filter > Skylum Creative Kit > Tonality CK.

Adobe Lightroom.
When viewing an Image: Right-click on the image > Edit In > Tonality CK.
From the menu bar choose Photo > Edit In > Tonality CK.

Apple Aperture.
Select an image and go to Photos > Edit with Plug-in and select Tonality CK.

Apple Photos for Mac.
Choose an image and go to Edit > Extensions and select Tonality

Interface overview. 

Photo Editing Software for Mac by Skylum https: getstarted tonality interface tonality

The meaning of the buttons from left to right.

  • Open Photo - opens the Open dialog for selecting an image to edit.
  • Batch Processing - opens the Batch Processing window to edit multiple images at once.
  • Save & Share - Reveals a panel that allows you to export the image, transfer the image to another Creative Kit app or directly share to popular social media and gallery sites.
  • Crop (when running as a standalone software) - Overlays a cropping rectangle on the image which can be adjusted to crop your photo. Includes a Rule of Thirds guide and several Aspect Ratio choices.
  • Show Navigator - Opens the Navigator window which is handy for moving around a large image when zoomed in.
  • Zoom in and out tools - Controls for viewing an image at 100% or Fit to Window, or at a selective zoom level with the + or - magnifying glass.
  • Quick preview - Switches between the original and edited images.
  • Compare - Provides a side-by-side view of the original and edited images.
  • Undo and Redo - Reverses the last editing steps to the beginning of the session, or moves forward to the current editing step.
  • Histogram - Shows or hides the image Histogram.
  • Move mode - Use to move the image around when zoomed in.
  • Brush mode - Use to brush effects and adjustments into the image - creates a Mask wherever brushed.
  • Erase mask - Erases any effect or adjustment on the image.
  • Gradient tool - Creates a gradient mask on the image which can be inverted or rotated. Effects and adjustments are applied to the mask.

The right menu features the editing tools and the presets panel.