Tonality CK.

Welcome to Tonality! Tonality is the most advanced and feature rich black & white image editor on Mac OS. With a fantastic and wholly complete set of darkroom-inspired features, Tonality allows you to easily create amazing fine art monochrome photos.

Tonality is sold in two versions: one is available from the Mac App Store and works as a standalone app only. The other, Tonality CK, is a key part of Skylum’s Creative Kit and works as a standalone app for Mac OS, runs as a plug-in for Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Elements and Lightroom as well as Apple Aperture, and also operates as an editing extension within Photos for Mac. There are also a number of additional capabilities only available in Tonality CK which are discussed elsewhere.

Regardless of the version you choose to run, Tonality features incredible proprietary algorithms and features over 150 style presets, created by Pro photographers to provide you with a terrific one-click starting point for your photos. For deeper control, a variety of tools such as color filters, split toning, clarity & structure, grain and multiple layers help you fine tune your vision, while special algorithms ensure you get outstanding results even from the most ordinary shots. Enhancements such as glow, lens blur, texture overlays, vignettes, and photo frames add further creative options and make Tonality your first choice for dramatic monochrome photography!

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What makes Tonality the most complete black and white image editor in the world?

  • The most diverse collection of presets for all types of photography.
  • Street, HDR, portrait, dramatic, toning presets and more.
  • Ability to export and import custom presets.
  • Use the software as a standalone app, extension or plug-in.
  • Authentic film emulation presets that match various film types.
  • Realistic grain, lens blur, adjustable vignette.
  • Native RAW support with 16-bit image processing.
  • Support of all popular image formats (from JPG to PSD).
  • Cutting-edge editing controls for image structure, clarity and details.
  • Unique tools: adaptive exposure, smart contrast and more.
  • Powerful color controls, including selective coloring and split toning.
  • Histogram view.
  • Gradient tool.
  • Adjustable crop.
  • A complete set of basic editing tools.
  • Batch processing.
  • Proprietary glow engine.
  • Texture overlays and photo borders.
  • Custom texture import.
  • Fully-featured layers support with blending modes.
  • Custom brushes for localized masking and adjustments.
  • Luminosity masking for easily adjusting complex images.
  • Full compatibility with the latest versions of Mac OS.
  • Built-in social sharing.
  • Export to other Creative Kit applications.
  • And more features.