Custom Textures

Textures in Tonality are a powerful creative tool that allows the user to place textures over the top of imagery to introduce another layer of interest. Choose from several default Textures, (Paper, Metal, Film) and 8 styles from each selection.

Textures give you a great way of enhancing photos. Experiment with different custom textures, as well as with default ones to get new impressive looks.  

Load your own Custom Texture by clicking on the Load Custom Texture button.
You can literally use any image you like as a texture. 

Photo Editing Software for Mac by Skylum https: getstarted tonality textures black and white

Blend Modes.

Blend Modes determine how two layers interact with each other. This means you can apply a technique that will interact differently with your base layer depending on your blend mode. 

In Normal mode, which is the default, the information in the top most layer will hide the information beneath, while other blend modes will change how a layer interacts with the base layer depending on where the shadows, highlights, and midtones are located in the top most layer. Altering the base layer with varying degrees rather than hiding it completely. 

The available Blend Modes are:

  • Normal
  • Multiply
  • Screen
  • Soft Light
  • Overlay

 Learn more on How to Install and use Custom Textures from this video.