Batch processing.

Batch processing is a powerful feature that allows you to apply a set of effects and enhancements to many images at one time. This is perfect for when you’ve developed a distinct style that you want every image to take on. An example of this might be a series of high-end classic portrait photos that you plan to share or print and display as a group - having the same “look and feel” yields a much more professional presentation!

To start batch processing your photos, choose File > Batch Processing or click on the stacked images icon in the upper toolbar. A window will open allowing you to select the images to process. Select the images you’d like to work on and click the Process button to open the Batch Options window.

Photo Editing Software for Mac by Skylum https: getstarted tonality tonality batch processing

Photo Editing Software for Mac by Skylum https: getstarted tonality tonality batch processing

Export Location - Allows you to choose the location where all your processed files will be exported during the batch operation. You can choose to export them to their current location or click the Browse… button to select a new location or create a new folder.

Preset Settings - If you’d like to apply a preset to your group of images, use the drop-down menus to choose a Presets Group and specific Preset. You can choose from built-in presets or from custom presets you’ve imported or created.

File Settings - Set the image format and color profile of the images that will be exported. Depending on the file format chosen, you may have additional settings that appear in this panel, such as quality (for JPEG) or bit depth (for TIFF).

Image Sizing - Using the Resize Image to fit drop-down menu, you may select to resize all of your images to a specific dimension on the Long Edge, Short Edge or to a specific width and height. By default, the original dimensions of the photo will be used.

File Naming - In order to give you total flexibility we’ve included several ways to batch rename your files. The Prefix, Base and Suffix drop-down menus allow you to choose File Name, Custom String, Timestamp and Counter variations on the name. Plus, you can alter the name to be all caps, all lowercase or in its original state. A handy reference example is also shown on this panel to help see the changes you make.

Batching Preset - This panel allows you to save a unique combination of Batch Options as a preset themselves! So, for example, if you always want to export a series of photos for Facebook sharing, you may want to choose a specific file format and size, and then add a suffix of “Facebook” to conveniently find and share them later.

When you are finished with Batch Options, click the Process button in the upper right of the window to allow Tonality to apply the settings you’ve chosen. A progress dialog will be displayed until the job is finished.