Tonality CK vs Tonality.

As noted earlier, the standard version of Tonality is available exclusively on the Mac App Store, while the professional-level Tonality CK is only available on the Skylum website as part of the Creative Kit bundle.

Tonality is an affordable, award-winning and super-creative black and white tool for beginning photographers and hobbyists alike. Tonality CK includes a ton of key features that make it essential for serious pro-sumers and professionals who want to explore the outer limits of fine art creativity:

1. Can be used as a plug-in and extension.
2. Can be used as a Smart Object when running in Photoshop.
3. Adds Layer-based Blend Modes.
4. Increases the number of Layers to 8 (from 5 in the standard version).
5. Adds the ability to use the original source color image for each Layer.
6. Upgrades the popular Vignette tool with Place Center and Luminosity controls, allowing you to truly highlight the most important subject of your photo.
7. Includes a Zone System readouts within the Histogram to balance gray shades for superior contrast.
8. Adds new shortcut keys for faster workflow.
9. Adds Tonal Range Clipping and Pixel Saturation features to the Histogram.
10. Has batch processing.