Tonality presets.

Professional photographers from around the world have helped Skylum to create a comprehensive set of presets that give an amazing monochrome look in a single click. These live previews offer the easiest and quickest way to get great results.

Start by selecting the Presets Button and the Category you wish to view. By moving the tab on the Amount slider located within the Preset thumbnail you can lower the intensity that the filter effect has on your image.

Tonality contains three areas to access presets.

Default are presets created by the Skylum team photographers. Favorites are the presets that you tagged with a star. Use these presets to create a consistent edit across a series of images. Custom presets are presets created by you or presets that you share with fellow photographers. We also work with world renowned photographers to create groups of presets that are available on the Skylum website.

Presets categories represent the most popular types of photography.

  • Basic.
  • Architecture.
  • Portrait.
  • Dramatic.
  • Outdoor.
  • Street.
  • Vintage.
  • Film Emulation.
  • Toning.
  • HDR.

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Customize presets.

Once you select a preset, you have the ability in the Adjust panel to modify that preset to fit your specific image needs by using slider adjustments of Color Temperature, Tone, Clarity & Structure, Color Filter, Tone Curve, Split Toning, Glow, Lens Blur, Texture Overlay, Vignette, Grain, Photo Frames, and Layer Properties.

Within each section are a variety of sliders that control everything from highlight and shadow detail to a specific look of grain, lens blur, texture or photo frames. Every preset can function as the jumping off point for your own customization with user-friendly tools and one click adjustments.

Create a custom preset.

To create your own presets click the “Create a Preset” button at the bottom of the adjustment panel. A dialog box will pop up asking you to name your preset and to Add or Cancel. Once you've added the preset, it will appear in the Custom tab of the Presets panel.

Share a custom preset.

The presets in Tonality are easily accessible, allowing you to share or add presets at anytime. Simply choose “File > Show Presets Folder” or right-click a thumbnail to select Show in Finder.

Next you can find and select the presets you want to share, then send them to fellow Skylum users. If you want to add presets that someone has sent you, simply drag them into the Presets Folder in the Finder.