Environmental Portraiture Kit

An all-in-one Kit for
LuminarAI and
Luminar Neo that helps you
achieve the best photos in a specific genre and setting.

Each Kit includes a preparation guide with practical tips as well as post-processing assets.

Each Kit includes a preparation guide with practical tips as well as post-processing assets.

What is included in the Environmental Portraiture Kit?

Think of a Kit as a toolbox with various instruments that let you experiment and achieve the effects you want in your photos.

5 Templates and Presets for different types of environmental portraits

5 Overlays with light flares

5 Overlays with artistic film noise

1 professional editing guide with tips and instructions

What portraits can I create?

An environmental portrait is taken in your model’s usual environment, such as in their home or workplace, and typically shines a light on your model’s life and inner world.

Film Emulation

For indoor portraits with hard direct light and an artistic film simulation. Best for creating a retro feeling.


Silver Overlay

Instantly add a metallic touch with a brush of silver over the image.


Flare Overlay

A pink light flare gives a modern and vibrant mood.

Before After
© ArturVerkhovetskiy


For indoor portraits with mixed color lighting. Best suited for artistic, playful, colorful, and expressive portraits.


Crimson Overlay

Red tones add warmth and depth to your photo.


Solid Overlay

An original solid grain instantly creates a magical atmosphere.

Before After


For indoor portraits with artificial light and warm processing. Best suited for professional and friendly portraits shot in the workplace.


Multicolor Overlay

Convey a happy feeling thanks to a subtle multicolored light.


Scratches Overlay

Tiny imperfections give your photo a nostalgic vibe.

Before After
© Deklofenak


For cold portraits with natural light. Most suitable for outdoor photos in the shade of trees to evoke a feeling of serenity.


Emerald Overlay

Green evokes a sense of nature and dilutes the stone-cold atmosphere.


Feathers Overlay

Add more light and brightness to the top of the photo, as if the sun were shining through.

Before After
© GaudiLab


For outdoor shots, with a bleach bypass effect. Suitable for portraits with a mysterious and entrancing atmosphere, with outdoor light, and with an adventurous setting.


Azure Overlay

Aquamarine instantly makes a photo more eye-catching.


Film Overlay

Easily create a retro vibe to any scene.

Before After
© enricoblueblu

You’ll get exclusive guide from the specialists of Team Skylum

including mistakes to avoid when composing your shot and tips on how to work with your model.

Add-ons tips and tricks

Interview about what makes or breaks an environmental portrait

Step-by-step instruction for preparing for an environmental photo shoot

What inspired you to create this Kit?

The Environmental Portraiture Kit will not only help you create unique portraits but will be the start of a whole new adventure into the world of photography through all its stages.

Start Your Journey
Travels and Photography. What can connect these things?

For any person, and even more so for a photographer, it’s important to feel the process before getting the result.

Looking at a photograph of the night sky, we imagine an astrophotographer sailing on their first journey into the world of night photography. Initially, they start by learning the right timing for this type of photography and quick hacks on how to take the best shot. Then they prepare the necessary lens and a tripod. Then choose the right place and time and set up all the equipment. Next comes the magic of the process itself. And only after coming back home and having a good night’s sleep does the photographer begin to work on editing the pictures. Sounds magical, doesn’t it?

But what if you want to shoot several portraits while also being deeply immersed in your photography journey?

We want every photographer, regardless of the genre they work in — astrophotography, aerial, landscape, portrait — to feel the magic of immersion in the process from the beginning of the photo shoot to the moment the final result is obtained.

That’s why our first LuminarAI and Luminar Neo Kit is dedicated to environmental portrait photography.

What is an environmental portrait?

An environmental portrait is a photograph of a person in a place that means something to them and forms an important part of their personality. It can be an artist’s workshop, office, garden, and so on.

Our Environmental Portraiture Kit will help you think about the idea for your photo shoot, formulate the feelings you want to convey, and actually create a portrait!

We will guide you through this wonderful photo journey!

From the moment you come up with your idea, we’ll help you choose the right location, decide on the technical nuances of the setup, clearly convey the atmosphere, correctly use the environment, choose the model’s poses, and figure out all the other important details.

You’ll get exclusive tips from the specialists of Team Skylum, including mistakes to avoid when composing your shot and tips on how to work with your model. Plus, you’ll get a universal Kit of processing tools (Templates/Presets and Overlays) and a detailed guide on how to use them to achieve your desired effect when editing your photos.

Environmental Portraiture Kit

Immerse yourself into the world of creative editing with exclusive assets and expert knowledge. If not now, when?

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