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How to Merge Two Pictures

April 26

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Before you are able to creatively combine images, you need to master the basics of merging photos.

How to Merge Two Pictures Image1Thanks to technology, there is so much more we can do with our photos now. Back in the day, we had no option to digitally alter our images, but now we can thanks to editing tools that are available for the general public to use.

One famous trend is merging two photos. This is something we used to see in movies earlier, but being able to merge two photos has several benefits. It allows you to not only bring the best of two photos together, but also enhance the final outcome.

This can be done with the help of one of many photo editing tools. One of the most famous tools is Photoshop, however it is said to be comparatively difficult to use. Nonetheless, there is no need to worry because this article contains tutorials on how to merge photos using different tools.

MS Paint:

People can utilize Microsoft's built-in software "Paint" to complete smaller tasks such as merging two pictures. It is anything but difficult to use and you can also merge two pictures by following these easy steps:

Open Paint from Start Menu and click on Open to add the initial picture. You can also try the combinational shortcut keys "Ctrl + O" to open a picture with Paint.

Once you have opened the first picture, make a space to add another picture to be blended with the first. After that, paste another photograph, Click on Paste into and Select another photo to blend with the first.

This is the easiest way to merge two pictures without needing any additional software, and you can merge as many pictures as you like with the help of Paint. However, remember that Paint is not considered a professional tool and the final result may not look very good. Nonetheless, it is good for beginners.

Frame Magic:

Thanks to growing technology, now you can merge photos in your phones as well. This app lets you merge photos together by letting you use sliders. You control the ratio, shape, size of the overall photo, apply effects, give your photos a geometrical shape as well as set the thickness of the border with each photo inside. One of the easiest and fun apps to use to carry out smaller tasks.

Luminar Neo:

If you wish to up your game and give your photos some extra creativity touch then  Luminar should be your go-to option. If you happen to be a Mac user and have bought this software, then you can easily merge two or more pictures by compositing effects. Compositing is a technique that stitches multiple photos together. However, you can also merge two pictures side by side if you wish to keep it simple. Luminar provides you with every possibility.

Other Softwares:

There are other software to carry out the merging task such as, Picture Merge Genius, Photoscape and Fusion. The steps to combine two pictures are almost the same in every software.

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