Luminar 3.1.4


  • Support for macOS 10.15

    Our developers have worked hard to make Luminar perform correctly with any updated version of macOS.

  • Photos extension support on macOS 10.15

    Now you can reach the Luminar directly from photos extension on macOs without any issue.

Luminar 3.2.0

In development

  • Better memory management

    We're working on optimizing memory use for an even smother workflow.

  • Support for new cameras

    We constantly work on providing support for new RAW formats.

Luminar 3 future versions


  • IPTC Basic editing

    Soon, you’ll be able to edit core IPTC info and sync these presets across multiple images.

  • Search tool for image text fields

    This improvement will let you find your images with the help of IPTC fields and file names.

  • New camera profiles

    We’re adding more camera profiles to define the color rendition of multiple camera models.

  • New lens profiles

    We’ll soon be implementing profiles for different lenses, which will enable you to fix distortions specific to your lens.

Luminar 4


  • New Looks

    Luminar 4 has Looks upgraded too. They were rearranged and improved to achieve even more remarkable results faster.

  • New UI

    For the latest version of Luminar we updated UI, so the overall ad look and tools placement become more comfortable and handy for usage. This level of organization was achieved thanks to the feedback from our customers and partners.

  • Powerful AI filters

    New AI Sky Replacement and AI Structure filters allow you to change the sky and enhance details in a click. AI Skin and Portrait Enhancer are essential tools for quick and effective editing. By using just a few sliders, you can hide imperfections, brighten the eyes, color the lips, and many more.

  • New optimized Skylum Image Processing Engine 2.0 with new AI module

    With AI technology, a few sliders can add complex effects to your photos that have previously been achieved with masks, layers, and hours of editing.

  • New stylish LUTs

    We’re working on expanding the LUT library to give you a greater variety of presets. You’ll also find more settings to customize each.

  • And many more AI-powered features

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New AI tools in Luminar 4
and more...