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Aurora HDR Master of the Month:
Amazing Architecture

Meet Haiyang Li — the winner of our Aurora HDR Master of the Month photo contest. Congrats!

Congratulations to the Winners:

Alex Rentzis

I am an Architectural photographer based in Phoenix, AZ. This photo is the Royal Danish Opera house in Copenhagen, Denmark. @SpartaPhoto

Haiyang Li

I made many trips to Washington DC to capture the sunset at this location with no success. The sun was either to far right or left from the dome at different time of the year. Beside, it was too cloudy, hazy or flat. Finally, patience got paid off as I got there right before a storm.


Here is one of the River Walk in The Woodlands, Texas. This just after blue hour three stack bracket shot was processed in Aurora. I used the the preset Ethereal. I liked it as is and resisted my propensity to edit, and named it Ethereal Chemistry.

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