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Make your photo
come alive

  • 45 intelligent filters to get masterpieces with ease
  • 67 smart presets to edit faster and compare results
  • Lightroom plug-in support to peak the best for you
  • Luminar comes with no subscription payments
Distortion Easy Collage editor app
Lens Correction Online Collage Review app
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Seize the opportunity
to create epic images

Plus bonuses

Make any photo look fabulous by adding Luminar intelligent filters

Accent AI
Smart image enhancement, powered by Artificial Intelligence.
Sun Rays
Get volumetric lighting to create beautiful beams of light.
Golden Hour
Get the magic golden hour look any time of the day.
Polarizing Filter
Give your photos depth and enhance blue skies.
Details Enhancer
Make your photos sharp and crystal-clear.
Orton Effect
Give your photos a unique look that sharpens and blurs at the same time.
Foliage Enhancer
Enhance landscapes by changing the color of the foliage in your photos.
Cross Processing
Give your photo a vintage or off-colored spin.
Image Radiance
Add a creative glow to your photos for a dreamy, fantasy look.
Increase contrast and subtle details to bring out surface texture.
Smart image enhancement, powered by Artificial Intelligence.
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A small team with a big mission

We are a team of professional photographers and software building experts

We love capturing moments. And we want to help others to create the most incredible images in less time. We have a goal to bring photographersaround the world a first worthy Adobe alternative.

And we know we can make it happen. That’s why we put our hearts and souls into Luminar.

Millions of people on Mac and PC already use our software to effortlessly make beautiful images, and so can you. Let’s change the photography world for better.

Luminar Reviews

Tom Piorkowski

Luminar is an exciting photo editor that is very easy to use, and will enhance your images. It can be used for basic edit changes to professional options to maximize your photographs. It is extremely flexible and powerful with endless options to add creatives looks.

Win Magsino

Luminar is great software, fits perfectly in my workflow, the controls are very intuitive, love the layer support and the non-destructive filters available in Luminar.

Ellen Hermance

I am a true novice with a good eye. Luminar have allowed me to take my photographs to another level. The basic learning curve is minimal but the results are magical.

Kim Austin

I’ve been using your various pieces of software some years now. I primarily use Luminar now for what are just hobbyist photos - I’m not a professional, but Luminar allows me to correct things that I didn’t get right when taking the photo.

Edit effortlessly with dozens of presets

Save time and edit in seconds with 67 smart presets.

Photo by Gerhard Speck

Keep presets handy and preview
the result immediately.

Seize the opportunity
to create epic images

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