Freedom LUTs from Ukraine for photo and video editing

Our Ukraine-based team developed these colorful LUTs inspired by Ukrainian
cities. You can use them with most any photo or video editing software.

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LUTs of freedom from Skylum(2)

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Land of Freedom

LUTs of freedom from Skylum(22) Made by Team Skylum

$ 39 .00

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The Skylum team is based in Ukraine, which is currently suffering greatly because of Russia’s invasion. This LUT pack is dedicated to all the beautiful cities in Ukraine that are now being bombed and destroyed by Russian invaders. We dream of seeing these cities free and victorious again! Use these LUTs to create unforgettable cityscapes by experimenting with a range of tones and effects. Show full information

This collection is incredibly versatile. Not only can you use it with Luminar 4, LuminarAI, and Luminar Neo but also with Photoshop and Lightroom — and even in your video editing!

The Land of Freedom collection contains the following LUTs:

  • Odesa: A warm LUT with a lowered white point
  • Cherkasy: A LUT with low saturation and contrast along with blue tones
  • Chernihiv: A LUT with slightly warm toning and low contrast
  • Dnipro: A super warm low key tinted LUT
  • Kharkiv: An intense and bright LUT
  • Kyiv: A LUT with an emphasis on warm tones, with low blue saturation
  • Lviv: A bright LUT with cyan blue and an almost faded green
  • Mariupol: A bright LUT with high contrast and a cyan blue tone
  • Sumy: A warm LUT in low key with low blue saturation
  • Zaporizhzhia: A juicy and rich cyan blue LUT

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Why do we ask for your support?

We are Ukrainians. Our core team is located in Ukraine and all our products are developed and marketed by Ukrainians. On February 24th, the world witnessed an unprovoked declaration of war and a brutal attack on our peaceful European country. Right now, Ukraine is under massive fire from Russian forces — it’s been weeks of heavy fighting, shelling of civilian infrastructure, and sleepless nights in bomb shelters. We will win eventually, but right now we need all the help we can get.

Thank you!

Thank you for supporting peace and democracy!

Your contribution means a lot to Ukrainian people.

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