Batch processing

If you have several images from one photo shoot, you can often save time by applying the same develop settings to multiple photos. This is particular helpful to those who shoot events, sports, and other types of photography where a lot of images are taken under similar conditions. The Batch Processing feature is very versatile and contains many options that you can conveniently apply to a large set of images.

To begin, launch Luminar and open at least one image. Choose Batch Processing from the File menu, select a range of images you’d like to process and click Continue. Here are the options you have available:

Batch Processing Presets

The Preset panel on the left side of the window displays the Batch Processing Presets that are available. To save current batch processing options as a preset, simply press the Add button at the bottom of the Preset panel and name your new preset. Thereafter, the preset will be saved and listed in the Preset panel. Because Batch Processing has many parameters, it’s helpful to create a custom preset to save time later. Note: the Batch Presets are not related to the image enhancement presets found in the main Luminar software, BUT can apply an enhancement preset as part of the batch operation.

Export Location

This option lets you choose where processed files will be saved. You can save them in their current location or browse to select another folder. When you’ve made a choice, the file “path” will be displayed. Note: Because it is possible to overwrite your original files, it is a good practice to save your batch-processed files into a new folder separate from the original files. This gives you maximum flexibility while still allowing for batch processing.

Select Preset

Use this option to select an image enhancement preset to be applied to each image. You can use presets that come bundled with Luminar or any Custom presets that you’ve created.

File Settings

The options in this area mimic choices normally found in the Export feature of Luminar. You can select file format, image quality, color profile, resize and sharpen quality in one convenient step.

File Naming

Luminar has very flexible file naming options. You can add a prefix and suffix, choose from a variety of base names and even select the case of the letters. This gives you tremendous flexibility to organize your files as part of the batch processing operation. Modifying the filename of the new file is an easy way to tell the new image from the original.


To start a batch process is very straightforward. Be sure to review the settings and options chosen before you begin processing.

  • After selecting your desired Batch Processing options, press the Process button in the lower right of the window to begin the operation. This will display a processing window showing progress.
  • To return to the Image Selection window and select different images prior to beginning a Batch Processing operation, press the Back button in the lower left of the window.
  • To cancel Batch Processing altogether, click the “X” in the upper left corner of the window. 

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