Jeffrey Moreau

Jeffrey Moreau aka Jeff Rey is a professional photographer specializing in coastal landscapes. Born and raised in Wales and currently based on the Gower Peninsula, officially designated Britain’s First AONB 'Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty’ in 1956. Jeffrey gained a Masters Degree in Computer Security in 2002, however, his passion for photography soon led him away from IT and he decided to become a professional photographer shortly after leaving university. Since then he has been a Getty Images Contributor, a continuous winner of over 100 awards in photography competitions, a frequent exhibitor in the best galleries and lead photographer on numerous tutorial workshops and expeditions from the UK to Australia, Dubai, Italy, Iceland and more recently Colorado.

For many years my workflow has been Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop and Viveza 2 from the Nik Software suite, but Luminar 3 has replaced all of these options. I never thought I would say that in a million years, but with the incredible Luminar Auto Ai Enhancer I’m seeing results that I can’t get even if I try for hours with my old workflow - and often with just one click!