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Aurora HDR Master of the Month

Congratulations to the Winners:

JP Murphy

The morning sunlight that day of November was fantastic. I grabbed my kit, hopped on the ATV, and headed down our mountain road. This scene presented itself as I hunted a vantage point looking into Elk Creek Valley. The mist and fog that often moves down stream with the flow of Elk Creek radiated the sunlight nicely. I shot a six frame series for HDR processing. It was not until I began processing the image that I realized the reflection in the pond. That is the peak of Point Lookout Mountain, the next mountain over from Briar Patch Mountain (where I was located), which is obscured from the direct line of sight by the rising mist. Sort of a bank shot, in pool terms, you could say.

Sam Gray

Photo by Sam Gray, morning sunlight in the streets of Charleston, SC.

Konstantinos Lagos

I'm an Greek freelance photographer and I love travelling & photographing landscapes. My name is Konstantinos Lagos. The sky's on fire!! sunset at lake of Plastira, Greece

The Brief

Hello, HDR photography lovers!

Join the Aurora HDR Master photo contest and share your best works for a chance to be the monthly winner!
All are welcome, regardless of skill level! Simply choose your favorite shots and enhance them with Aurora HDR.
Before submitting, carefully read the entry details. If you don’t have Aurora HDR, click here to get your copy.

Who’s going to win the prize this month?

The Terms

    • To enter, you’ll need a Skylum account. If you don’t already have one, you can register a new account for free.
    • Submit only photos you have taken and own.
    • Photos you submit must have been processed only with Aurora HDR.
    • Winners will be announced June 29 on the Skylum Facebook and Instagram accounts and on the website contest page.
    • You’ll always retain rights to the images you submit.
    • By submitting your photos to this contest, you automatically allow Skylum to feature your photos on and as well as in the Skylum newsletter and on social media.
    • Not every submitted photo is guaranteed to be featured.

    Featured photos courtesy of Dima Sytnik, Skylum CTO

                  The Prizes

                    • The 1st place photo will be featured on the Aurora HDR home page with attribution.
                    • The 1st place winner gets a $300 Amazon or B&H gift certificate.
                    • The 1st and 2nd place photos will be featured in the June Skylum newsletter.

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