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The fastest & easiest way to remove
unwanted objects from photos

& counting
Erase! Repeat

Here is how Snapheal does magic
in 3 simple steps

1. Upload a photo

2. Remove strangers & objects

3. Enhance the result

1. Upload a photo

2. Remove strangers & objects

3. Enhance the result

1. Upload a photo

2. Remove strangers & objects

3. Enhance the result

1. Upload a photo

2. Remove strangers & objects

3. Enhance the result

$ 49 $ 19.99

Make the picture perfect even when the moment is not Snapheal is created to fix every single photo that is not perfect.

Start over
Start over
Start over
Start over
Start over
  • Traffic Signs
  • Power Lines
  • Bystanders
  • Road Damage
  • Scratched Photos
$ 49 $ 19.99

Simple. Fast. Powerful. Erase objects and heal skin imperfections in mere seconds.

  • Most Image Formats SupportSupport for RAW, PNG, JPG formats
    and other image file formats.

  • Custom Erasing Precision Three erasing modes for best results, no
    matter the style of photo or size of object.

  • Plug-in Support Use as a plug-in for Lightroom, Photoshop,
    Aperture and as an Apple Photos extension.

  • Handy Image Editing Tool SetEnhance your photos after erasing
    with advanced editing controls.

proudly made
for mac

OS X 10.9+

Why Snapheal (5, based on 348 User Reviews) Beloved and praised by thousands of users
Here is what real people say about Snapheal

Totally Amazing!
by BorninDorking

This is simple, easy to use tool that actually does what it says it does. It performs detailed, complex tasks at the click of the button with results that are astonishingly accurate. And it does so in seconds.

The app is great!
by ColorMe1

Snapheal is amazing. It is so easy to remove things you don’t want in your photo and the photo looks great afterward. No telltale signs you removed anything. I can’t believe how easy it is, so user-friendly.

Look like a great photographer (even if you’re not!)
by BikerFunJoe

Snapheal is absolutely the easiest way to “fix” photos that have things in them you don’t want.

Snapheal as Photos External Editor
by JimEdC

Its ability to remove everything from your photos and leave the background looking as if the object were never there is nothing short of phenomenal.

by maheatley

It was SO easy! And when I compare the before and after, it’s almost as if the people are fakes and have been added, rather than the other way round! I am so glad I downloaded this app.

$ 49 $ 19.99

Brought to you by Skylum Software, Best Mac App Store developer 5 years in a row.

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