Nordic Adventure Kit

An all-in-one Kit for
Nordic Adventure All-in-one Creative Kit
Luminar Neo &
Nordic Adventure All-in-one Creative Kit(2)
Luminar AI helps you achieve the best photos
in a specific genre and setting. Each Kit includes a guide with practical tips,
as well as post-processing assets

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Nordic Adventure All-in-one Creative Kit(3)

What is included in the Nordic Adventure Kit?

Think of a Kit as a toolbox with various instruments that let you experiment with and achieve the effects you want in your photos.

Kits are perfectly suited for everyday editing but also let you experiment with your photos.

5 Presets/Templates for Luminar Neo & Luminar AI

5 of the same Presets/Templates plus built-in Skies

6 Skies with clouds and northern lights

5 LUTs with unique color solutions

5 Overlays with snow, clouds and birds

1 professional editing guide with tips and step-by-step instructions

Skies included in the pack

What photos can I create?

Perfect for both landscapes and portraits shot in the wintertime, this Kit helps you create an unforgettable atmosphere in your photos

Serenity Preset

A cold and bright portrait Preset. Ideal for outdoor portraits.

Snow Overlay

Add some snow in motion to the foreground for a touch of winter magic.

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Frostbite Preset

A bright, detail-enhancing Preset. Perfect for daylight photos.

White Clouds Sky

Add some fluffy white clouds and a blue sky.

Group of Birds Overlay

Enhance your composition with a group of flying birds.

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Aurora Preset

A soft, matte, slightly warm Preset. Apply a natural yet polished look.

Feathery Clouds Overlay

Shift the mood with interesting cloud shapes.

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Glacial Preset

A dramatic sunset Preset with cold hues and a magical falling snow effect.

Pink Hues Sky

Liven up the colors with pink accents.

Snow Overlay

Add some snow in motion to the foreground for a touch of winter magic.

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Something special

Nordic Adventure All-in-one Creative Kit(4)

a step-by-step guide from Skylum’s top specialists

This Kit will take you from the moment you pick up your camera to the finishing touches of your travel photo shoot.

Nordic Adventure All-in-one Creative Kit(5)
Nordic Adventure All-in-one Creative Kit(6)

Tips and tricks, mistakes to avoid and best camera settings

Nordic Adventure All-in-one Creative Kit(6)

Interview about what makes or breaks a travel photo

Nordic Adventure All-in-one Creative Kit(6)

Step-by-step instructions from Team Skylum experts on how to create a perfect landscape shot

About the Nordic Adventure Kit

What inspired you to create this Kit devoted to travel photography?

The idea was to develop a universal pack for processing photos from winter trips. Our goal was to give you an all-in-one Kit that contains convenient, useful Presets and Overlays for any photo. We were most inspired by the travels and the work of various photographers from Scandinavia, particularly Norway.

Nordic Adventure All-in-one Creative Kit(9)
What can I achieve with this Kit?

Make your travel photos more interesting, creative, and unique with the help of this Kit. Get guidance from start to finish with tips on shooting and editing your photos. If you don’t have time for new photos, you can also use it to breathe new life into your old photos, and add a bit of zest. The Kit contains Presets created specifically to achieve different effects in your travel photography. Plus, there are a variety of Overlays, LUTs, and Skies that are designed for travel photography: from adding an interesting color grading solution, to decorating your photo with cute travel stamps. On top of that, you can add an original instax-type frame that will give a retro vibe and create a perfect composition — something you can only add in post-processing.

Nordic Adventure All-in-one Creative Kit(10)
We will guide you through this wonderful photo journey!

From the moment you come up with your idea, we’ll help you choose the right location, decide on the technical nuances of the setup, clearly convey the atmosphere and figure out all the other important details. You’ll get exclusive tips from specialists on the Skylum team, including mistakes to avoid when composing your shot and tips on how to work with your model. Plus, you’ll get a universal Kit of processing tools (Presets, LUTs and Overlays) and a detailed guide on how to use them to achieve the desired effect when editing your photos.

Nordic Adventure All-in-one Creative Kit(11)
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Nordic Adventure Kit

Enhance your photos taken during your winter travels. Use this toolbox of creative assets, along with tips from our experts to easily create photos full of atmosphere.

$ 26 .00

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Nordic Adventure All-in-one Creative Kit(3)
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