Road Movie Kit

An all-in-one Kit for
Road Movie Kit
Luminar AI and
Road Movie Kit(2)
Luminar Neo that helps you achieve the best photos in a specific genre and setting. Each Kit includes a preparation guide with practical tips as well as post-processing assets.

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What is included in the Road Movie Kit?

Think of a Kit as a toolbox with various instruments that let you experiment and achieve the effects you want in your photos.

Kits are perfectly suited for everyday editing but also let you try on the role of a professional photographer.

1 professional editing guide with tips and instructions

5 Presets for different types of travel photos

5 LUTs with unique color solutions

5 Overlays with dust & scratches effects

5 Overlays with burned film flares

2 Overlays with original film frames

What photos can I create?

It helps convey that feeling of wonder when you have your camera in hand, a destination to explore and the exciting thrill of the unknown road ahead.

National Park Preset

For impressive photos of nature, people, and everything interesting you might find on the road. Try it for a neutral, fresh look with a hint of film.


Retro Overlay

An instant retro vibe with characteristic scratches on film.


Sun Leak Overlay

Add a sun-kissed effect with this burned film effect.

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© NataliaD

Raincoat Preset

Perfect for a cold- toned effect with enhanced skin tones in subtle hints of red, yellow, orange.


Light Flare Overlay

Add a new point of focus with an eye-catching light flare effect.


Horizontal Film Frame Overlay

Add a retro film frame that brings back the feel of retro photos taken with a 135mm lens.

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© Nathan Dumlao

Gas Station Preset

All the magic is inside this light Preset with cinematic toning, with cyan sky and enhanced highlights.


Horizon Overlay

Add some horizontal scratches to your image.


Hot Touch Overlay

Add a vivid and bright color with this burned film effect.

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© Boykovi

Nevada Preset

Achieve the ideal effect with this warm Preset with matte shadows, slightly toned in blue.


Thin Veil Overlay

Add some softness to your photo with an effect reminiscent of a silky veil.


Light Dispersion Overlay

Add more light with these stripes of burned film.

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Road House Preset

For photos that look like retro ads for the places and people you’ll fall in love with during your journey.


Dark Night Overlay

Create an edgy vibe with dust and scratches.


Film Stripe Burn Overlay

Add a touch of nostalgia with this burned film stripe effect.

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a step-by-step guide from Skylum’s top specialists and Ambassador Max Rive

This Kit will take you from the moment you pick up your camera to the moment you’re satisfied with the results of your travel photo shoot.

Road Movie Kit(4)
Road Movie Kit(5)

Tips and tricks, mistakes to avoid, and best camera settings

Road Movie Kit(5)

Interview about what makes or breaks a travel photo

Road Movie Kit(5)

Step-by-step instructions to prepare for a photo trip

About Road Movie Kit

What inspired you to create this Kit devoted to travel photography?

I was inspired by my love for analog photography, as well as cinema in the style road movies. It conveys such an appealing aesthetic: the road, gas stations, motels, roadside cafes. I wanted to recreate this atmosphere in this Luminar Kit.

Road Movie Kit(8)
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What can I achieve with this Kit?

This Kit was created to help people make their travel photos more interesting, creative, and unique. It will help you build a process from scratch and guide you from start to finish with shooting and editing your photos. If you don’t have time for new photos, you can also use it to breathe new life into your shots, removing unnecessary things and adding zest.

How exactly can you achieve something unique? First of all, with the Presets created to achieve different effects. But the toolbox of assets in this Kit will also help you stylize travel photos with the help of unique Overlays with dust, grain, and flares. It will help you recreate the thrilling atmosphere of a road trip. Plus, you can add an original film frame to give a retro vibe and create a perfect composition — something that is not possible to add in a real-life shoot.

Road Movie Kit(9)
© averieclaire
We will guide you through this wonderful photo journey!

From the moment you come up with your idea, we’ll help you choose the right location, decide on the technical nuances of the setup, clearly convey the atmosphere, and figure out all the other important details.

You’ll get exclusive tips from specialists on the Skylum team, including mistakes to avoid when composing your shot and tips on how to work with your model. Plus, you’ll get a universal Kit of processing tools (Presets, LUTs, and Overlays) and a detailed guide on how to use them to achieve your desired effect when editing your photos. Road Movie Kit(10)
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Road Movie Kit

Capture the unique atmosphere of a road trip in your photography. This toolbox of creative assets, along with instructions from pros, will help you make incredible photos. Why wait?

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