Mask 9 types of
objects automatically with AI masking tool

Mask objects in a single click. Get AI-powered photo masking software.


Effortless photo masking like never before

No need to create
a masking layer

It's completely automated! Just click to mask the objects you want: people, sky, buildings, vehicles, water, plants, mountains, and both natural and artificial ground.

Vector masking even
for detailed photos

The variety of objects you can mask in a click goes far beyond human figures. The AI is so precise it even differentiates pavement from dirt and grass, in addition to picking out the main subject.

Select different objects and edit them simultaneously

Moreover, you can make your masks even more precise with manual adjustments.

Before After

No hassles when masking a photo

From beginners to pro photographers, everybody struggles with masks. They take time and lots of precise manual work. Fortunately, Luminar Neo has solved this problem.

  • Just click on the name of an object in the menu to mask it.

  • You won’t get confused by layers, brushes, and manual selections.

  • In some cases, you won’t need layers at all;
    just apply edits right inside the selection.

An application & plugin. For macOS & Windows


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Masking in a click opens more possibilities to place accents in any image in less time.





AI masking simplifies the routine

  • Apply the unique EnhanceAI tool and make your object stand out from the background with color, detail, depth, and tone.

  • Add sharpness to accentuate the center of your composition.

Rescue your vivid colors

Some parts of a photo need more precise color corrections than others.

  • Edit colors without influencing other objects
    in the masked photo.

  • Precisely correct lens distortion.

  • Remove color casts and denoise your
    object with AI tools.

What our customers say

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Pro results


Make backlit photos shine again. Highlight or darken any part of your image.

Line RemovalAI

Get a clear sky without power lines. Transform your cityscapes, urban landscapes, or travel photos in a click.

Mobile sharing

Edit photos on the go and seamlessly share them to your smartphone.

Portrait Background RemovalAI

Turn a tedious background replacement into a quick and fun thing.

Dust RemovalAI

Automatically select and remove blemishes. As easy as that.

Lightning-fast engine

Designed as a module system its parts now can be optimized separately, for the best performance.

Get photos as you imagined them with masking

Learn tips and masking hacks to improve your editing results.

An application & plugin.
For Windows & macOS

  • High-performance image editor
  • 24/7 technical support
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Join community of Luminar Insiders
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is photo masking?

Masking is a convenient way to hide parts of an image that should remain untouched and select objects for enhancement.

Which keyboard shortcut is used with the masking tool?

In Luminar Neo’s intuitive workflow, you don’t have to memorize shortcuts. Click the name of an object from the menu to mask it in your photo.

Select and mask do not work!

It’s common that a traditional photo editing app with a masking tool can only select human figures automatically. Luminar Neo automatically masks nine objects that are recognized by the AI at its core.

Can I copy a mask to another layer?

If you duplicate a layer, the mask is duplicated too.

How to activate LuminarAI?

With LuminarAI we made the activation process easier and faster for you. There’s no need to remember your license number in order to use LuminarAI. Now you may activate LuminarAI directly from your account.

By default, all our software launches in trial mode when you first open it. When you start LuminarAI, you’ll see a window that prompts you to log in to your Skylum Account. 

NOTE: Your LuminarAI purchase is linked to the billing email address you provided. Use that email to log in to your Skylum Account or, if needed, create a new Skylum Account tied to that email address.

To activate LuminarAI:

  • If you already have a Skylum account, sign in with a linked Google, Facebook, Microsoft, or Apple account, or sign in with your email and password.

  • If you don’t have a Skylum account, click Register and create a Skylum Account. You can sign up with a Facebook, Google, Microsoft, or Apple account, or you can sign up using your email and a password. 

  • If you have a Skylum account, but purchased LuminarAI using an email address not tied to it, you can merge your accounts into one in the My Software tab > Link my licenses section of your Skylum account. After that, please go to the inbox of your new email address and verify your email.

  • Congratulations! You’ve activated LuminarAI.

Still don’t see LuminarAI in your account? Our support team will help you with that.

Where can I download LuminarAI?

Your download links will be waiting for you in your Skylum account.

NOTE: Your LuminarAI purchase is linked to the billing email address you provided. Use that email to log in to your Skylum Account or, if needed, create a new Skylum Account tied to that email address.

  1. Visit the login page here

  2. If you already have an account, sign in with Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, or your email and password.

  3. If you don’t have an account, you can create it here. Make sure to choose the same email used for the LuminarAI purchase. 

  4. If you have a Skylum account, but purchased LuminarAI using an email address not tied to it, you can merge your accounts into one in the My Software tab > Link my licenses section of your Skylum account. After that, please go to the inbox of your new email address and verify your email.

  5. In your account, you will see a My Software tab with all of your Skylum software, including LuminarAI.

  6. Find the tab with LuminarAI. Download LuminarAI by clicking the Download button. 

What is LuminarAI?

LuminarAI is an all-new application and plug-in and the first fully AI-powered image editing software in the world.

While Skylum is well-known for building software that taps into artificial intelligence for great results, LuminarAI is entirely different. 

We built LuminarAI with artificial intelligence at its core. Artificial intelligence saves you time and effort. Before, traditional editing software was outdated. It was time-consuming and hard to learn. It required effort and skills to get satisfying results. With LuminarAI, you can create great-looking photos much faster. It’s perfect for anyone, of any skill level. 

While other companies use artificial intelligence as a catchphrase, LuminarAI is packed full of truly smart technology. LuminarAI features many AI tools that allow you to get more done in less time. Innovations like SkyAI, FaceAI, BodyAI, IrisAI, AtmosphereAI and more give your images a memorable style and a competitive edge. Without sacrificing quality, speed or creative options.

Will Portrait BokehAI work for non-human portrait subjects, like a dog, or with non-portrait images?

The Portrait BokehAI tool is specifically designed and trained to recognize humans in photos. In the future, we may consider creating more BokehAI tools for other subjects.

Who is LuminarAI for?

When you use LuminarAI, the experience is totally different from any traditional photo editor. You will quickly discover it is unlike any other tool you ever used. You will immediately experience results.

    • If you want amazing photos quickly, without extra complexity or wasted time, LuminarAI is for you. 
    • If you want to solve problems, LuminarAI is for you.
    • If you care more about the results created, than the process used, LuminarAI is for you.

    LuminarAI helps you create high-quality photo content. It’s the perfect tool to help you create photos to tell your story in an engaging way. You can create pro-quality results without the need to hire a professional retoucher. You’ll find inspiration and creative guidance when editing your images. LuminarAI is an affordable way to get amazing photos.

    Why are you doing this? What’s the purpose?

    As the Skylum team, we want to help communicators and creative professionals be more successful with the content you create. We know that a traditional approach to photo editing is complex, outdated and time consuming.

    We created LuminarAI to give you a smart, innovative tool to help save the time you spend on routine image editing tasks, instead giving you more creative inspiration to turn your photos into engaging stories. 

    LuminarAI is the culmination of more than a decade of innovation focused on improving your photos. We know that for you, a great image is just a starting point. It is the way you communicate your ideas, values and personal brand; it’s the way to promote your products and services. A great image will help your success — but it shouldn’t take hours and days to make those images happen.

    We know that artificial intelligence can help create great images, in less time, every time. You’ll feel inspired and creative thanks to LuminarAI. And that’s why we are doing this.

    How does LuminarAI use artificial intelligence?

    Unlike most other photo software companies, Skylum doesn’t use artificial intelligence as a marketing catchphrase. We put real innovation at the core of the product. We use deep convolutional neural networks to solve real problems and make creators live easier. These are based on state-of-the-art research to ensure speed and accuracy and make photo editing easier. 

    LuminarAI can recognize the content of an image as well as choose adjustments based on the content of a photo. It also applies semantic segmentation. This allows it to identify and adjust individual elements in a photo — objects like sky, water, skin, faces and background detection. This allows for easier adjustments when enhancing faces, adjusting the depth of field in an image, replacing a sky and more.

    Does AI mean the full-automation of photo editing?

    Not exactly. The main purpose of Artificial Intelligence is to make your image editing more creative and enjoyable. LuminarAI achieves this by automating the most complex and routine tasks. But you always maintain complete control over the process.

    When you first open a photo, LuminarAI will suggest editing templates. You now have three choices.

      • Choose one of the options as presented.

        • Customize the strength of the Template with one slider.

          • Click the Edit button and see all the tools in use. You can now modify, customize and add whatever you want with our extensive editing toolset.

          The bottom line, artificial intelligence solves problems and offers new opportunities for creativity. But you retain complete control. Choose when you want to rely on AI and when you want to forge your own path. LuminarAI conforms to your style and way of editing.

          We don’t believe that there’s only one way to create a beautiful photo. Our Artificial Intelligence recommendation engine and AI-powered tools make image editing much easier and enjoyable. But LuminarAI offers tools and controls that adapt to beginners (as well as the most advanced users).

          They’re your photos. LuminarAI makes it easier to get the results you want. But you’re in control.

          Do I need to remove Luminar 4 before I install LuminarAI?

          No, you can use both applications alongside each other.

          What are the benefits of LuminarAI Templates?

          The Templates feature AI technologies that are content-aware. Templates adjust their edits based on the unique image content, while maintaining a visual style. LuminarAI reviews your image and recommends multiple templates that are well-suited. These will automatically adapt to your pictures.

          The Templates in LuminarAI can also guide and inspire you. Choose from the recommended Templates or browse the full offering. Any template can be customized easily. For fastest results you can use the Strength slider to dial it in. But all Templates are fully editable. You can customize the results of the Templates with the robust Edit module.

          To truly save time, be sure to Sync a template with multiple photos. This allows you to apply the same visual style to several images. You can even create your own templates with the AI powered tools in LuminarAI for custom results applied to multiple photos at once.

          Templates in LuminarAI were created together with professional photographers and retouchers. They were built to provide useful visual styles that encompass both visual trends and classic looks.  Templates are an excellent way to save time and produce impressive results, making images look fresh and engaging.

          We’re sure you’ll enjoy the convenience of Templates and the stunning results they produce.

          Who are LuminarAI Insiders?

          We have a private community just for those who preorder LuminarAI. You'll be able to learn about the amazing new things we’re working on. It offers exclusive access to our team, plus new tutorials, special events, and a few surprises. You will receive an invitation after your purchase to join. There is no additional charge for this access.

          I already own Luminar 4. Do I need LuminarAI?

          How you edit photos is a personal choice. LuminarAI is a completely different way to create amazing photos. Ask yourself a few questions to figure out if LuminarAI and you are a great match for each other.

          Why do you edit images? 

          Whether you’re looking to express an idea, drive engagement or tell a story, LuminarAI empowers you in new and creative ways to bring photos to life.

          Do you care about results and speed?

          LuminarAI is all about results, meaning you can solve problems quickly and explore new outcomes. Focus on executing your creative vision, wasting less time on tedious tasks. Utilizing artificial intelligence, LuminarAI can take an editing style and apply corrections to a batch of photos with speed and precision.

          Do you feel you need creative inspiration from time to time?

          One of the most challenging things when editing photos is where to start. With LuminarAI, you can get instant recommendations with creative Templates that are based on the contents of your photo. Want to customize further? Our Edit module lets you refine the image or even build your own Templates.

          Do you like innovative technology?

          LuminarAI has unique tools found nowhere else. The use of artificial intelligence lets you control every aspect of a photo. Whether you want to adjust a sky or change it altogether. Control every aspect of a portrait from teeth whitening, to blemish removal, to eye enhancement. Add details in just the right places while controlling shallow depth of field. You’re in control of virtually everything (and it’s never been easier).

          Would you like to get something truly new and amazing this holiday season?

          This holiday season, give yourself a gift. LuminarAI lets you create the images you’ve always wanted. Bring out perfect details in your photos and add creativity to every image. You’ll be proud to share your photos with friends and family. And the best part, you’ll have lots of time left over and be stress-free to catch up with everyone.

          Are you ready?

          Did you answer YES to some of the questions above? If so, LuminarAI should be a great match for your photos. 

          Will it work on my computer? What are the system requirements for LuminarAI?

          LuminarAI should work on your computer as long as it meets the following minimum system requirements. 

          For Mac:

            • MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, iMac Pro, Mac Pro, Mac mini, early 2010 or newer

              • CPU Intel® Core™ i5 or better

                • Memory 8 GB RAM or more (16+ GB RAM is recommended)

                  • macOS 10.13.6 or higher. IMPORTANT: macOS 10.12 is not supported.

                    • Hard disk 10 GB free space; SSD for best performance

                      • Display 1280x768 size or better

                      For Windows:

                        • Windows-based hardware PC with mouse or similar input device

                          • CPU Intel® Core™ i5 or better, AMD Ryzen™ 5 or better

                            • Open GL 3.3 or later compatible Graphics Cards

                              • Memory 8 GB RAM or more (16+ GB RAM is recommended)

                                • Operating System Windows 10 (only 64-bit OS) or higher. IMPORTANT: Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 are not supported.

                                  • Hard disk 10 GB free space; SSD for best performance

                                    • Display 1280x768 size or better

                                    Is LuminarAI the next version of Luminar 4?

                                    LuminarAI is a brand new product. It is not an upgrade to Luminar 4. 

                                    LuminarAI is an alternative to traditional photo editors in general. 

                                    We offer a new approach to editing your images, powered by artificial intelligence. We believe that traditional photo editing is outdated and slow. It takes too much energy and time. Photo editing doesn’t have to be complex (even if you want professional results).

                                    LuminarAI changes everything. When you first open a picture, your image is analyzed instantly. Choose from recommendations to improve your image. High-quality Templates offer suggestions from top photographers and retouchers. These can produce the results you want in just one or two clicks.

                                    But you retain complete control thanks to the beautiful Interface and useful AI-powered tools. Solve problems and unlock new creativity to create a beautiful photo faster. LuminarAI is built from the perfect combination of artificial intelligence and expertise. LuminarAI has a lot of editing power and fun under the hood. 

                                    We know that you’ll enjoy it.

                                    Does LuminarAI work on Macs powered by Apple Silicon processors?

                                    Yes. Starting from Update 3, LuminarAI runs natively on the M1 chip.

                                    Are third-party plug-ins supported? (including Aurora HDR and Luminar 4)

                                    In our other applications, third-party plug-ins are supported and send back the processed image as a new layer. 

                                    One of the changes in LuminarAI is the switch from layers to a Local Adjustments tool and smart segmentation of our AI-powered tools. This is why there will be no third-party plugin support in LuminarAI. If you need to merge bracketed photos, we suggest using Aurora HDR in its standalone mode.

                                    Will Luminar 4 be able to use LuminarAI as a plug-in?

                                    No. LuminarAI is its own application.  While you can use it with photo editors from Apple and Adobe, it is not designed to work as a plugin to other Skylum software. You are able to keep both programs on your machine and use them alongside each other.

                                    Will you continue to support Luminar 4?

                                    We plan to ship compatibility and performance updates for Luminar 4 for another year from the date the last copy of the app was sold (August 2021). We won’t charge anything for these updates.

                                    Luminar 4 will continue to run for many years beyond that (as long as your computer meets Luminar 4’s system requirements).

                                    We encourage you to switch to LuminarAI, though, for its revolutionary approach to photo editing. We think you’ll truly enjoy the innovative editing tools, creative inspiration. and time-saving options. 

                                    How do I qualify for an educational or military discount?

                                    Click here to email our support team a picture of any document that verifies your affiliation with the military or education institution and we'll reply with your special discount offer and purchase instructions.

                                    Can I invoke LuminarAI as a plug-in for Aurora HDR?

                                    No, LuminarAI and Aurora HDR will work as two separate applications. However both applications can access your photos easily.  Plus any edited images that are exported from Aurora HDR can be placed in the same folder as the source images added to your LuminarAI catalog.  These will automatically be scanned and uploaded to your LuminarAI.

                                    Will LuminarAI overwrite my copy of Luminar 4 once I install it?

                                    LuminarAI will be installed separately as a brand new application and will not overwrite Luminar 4 or any other software.

                                    What is a Luminar X Membership?

                                    If you’d like to get exclusive creative assets delivered to your inbox on a regular basis, the Luminar X Membership is a great choice. Expand your knowledge of all things photography. Create authentic images that stand out from the crowd.

                                    Once you become a member, you’ll enjoy a monthly delivery of creative assets including Luminar looks and Sky textures. Luminar X members will also receive four Luminar tutorials per year, and four photography tutorials per year. A Luminar X Membership is a paid annual subscription service for Luminar owners that will help you boost your creativity.

                                    On how many devices can I use LuminarAI?

                                    LuminarAI lets you use the program on one device — either Mac or Windows. This one seat lets you use LuminarAI as a standalone application and as a plug-in.

                                    You can choose to purchase a license to use LuminarAI on two devices. This is perfect if you have a laptop and a desktop. Or if you have a computer at work and at home.  Two seats allow you to install and activate the app on two devices, regardless of their OS. Therefore, you can use one seat to activate it on a Mac and the other one on Windows or use both seats for your Windows or macOS computers. Any combination works!

                                    Need even more devices? It’s not a problem. You can purchase even more seats in your Skylum Account if you have multiple computers.

                                    Change computers or upgrade your device? You can free up a license from your old machine at no cost. Just log in to your Skylum account to reset the activation counter for LuminarAI

                                    LuminarAI is also perfect for small and medium businesses. Its speed, efficiency, and creativity are helpful to any business that needs great photos. The ability to create custom templates and share them with your team means a consistent style. Powerful batch processing means that even large jobs get done quickly. The intuitive interface and one-time purchase make it an easy tool to deploy for the entire team. If you need volume licenses with special pricing, just contact us.

                                    Do you have a Money-Back Guarantee?

                                    We provide LuminarAI with your happiness guaranteed. You’ll have full 30 days after the product ships to try out LuminarAI and see if it suits your needs.

                                    In case you’re not 100% satisfied with LuminarAI (we understand that anything can happen!), you can request the full amount back by contacting support here. Preordering now is risk-free and guarantees you the best price.

                                    Can I use LuminarAI in a standalone mode and as a plug-in?

                                    LuminarAI is a universal solution that can function both as a standalone editor and a plug-in.

                                    Will I be able to migrate my Luminar 4 looks to LuminarAI?

                                    We understand that you’d love to use your previously created looks in LuminarAI. Therefore, we’ll take care of the migration process — during the first LuminarAI launch, your Luminar 4 looks will be migrated and automatically converted to Templates. You will be able to access them in the Templates tab > Legacy. The Templates in the Legacy section will be organized into one general list, including both purchased and custom Luminar 4 looks. 

                                    NOTE: LuminarAI is a brand new product (not an upgrade to Luminar 4) with an entirely new core engine, new workflow, and features. Therefore, some of the looks that included deprecated tools (e.g., Photo Filter and Adjustable Gradient from Luminar 4, tools from Luminar 3, and older versions that were remodified in Luminar 4) will not be migrated.

                                    Moreover, the majority of the purchased Luminar 4 looks were made compatible with LuminarAI.You can redownload .ltc files for LuminarAI from the My Add-ons section of your Skylum account: and install them to the Purchased tab. 

                                    Here's a quick guide on how to install Template Collections in Luminarᴬᴵ

                                    If you’re on Windows: 

                                    • Launch Luminarᴬᴵ.

                                    • In the top bar menu, click Luminarᴬᴵ > File > Add Luminarᴬᴵ Template Collection.

                                    • In the window that opens, navigate to the folder where the downloaded Template Collection file (.ltc) is located and select it. 

                                    • Done! The new templates will appear in the Templates tab > Purchased.  
                                      See the screenshot: 

                                    If you’re on Mac: 

                                    • Launch Luminarᴬᴵ.

                                    • In the top bar menu, click File > Add Luminarᴬᴵ Template Collection.

                                    • In the window that opens, navigate to the folder where the downloaded Template Collection file (.ltc) is located and select it. 

                                    • Done! The new templates will appear in the Templates tab > Purchased. 
                                      See the screenshot: 

                                    I want to use LuminarAI as a plug-in. What should I expect?

                                    Using LuminarAI as a plug-in, you’ll be able to bring creative and timesaving workflow to your host application. LuminarAI allows you to revolutionize the way you enhance photos but conveniently fits into your current workflow. 

                                    LuminarAI can be used as a plug-in or extension for: 

                                      • Lightroom Classic (starting from version 6)

                                        • Photoshop (from version CS5)

                                          • Photos for macOS

                                          Here are just a few examples of the benefits you will get: 

                                            • Incredible portrait retouching tools that you retouch multiple areas of a photo with just one filter.

                                              • The ability to quickly enhance landscape, real estate, and travel photographs with rich details and great skies.

                                                • Creative color grading tools found nowhere else for a unique style and creative look.

                                                  • Highly adaptable presets that conform to each image thanks to artificial intelligence. This means that you can create one look and apply it to several photos with little to no adjustments as AI takes care of the variations.

                                                  Does LuminarAI handle RAW files?

                                                  Of course! LuminarAI RAW processing is based on our own powerful RAW engine. We regularly update our library and make our own improvements to provide perfect support for new cameras. You can check the full list of supported cameras here.

                                                  Is LuminarAI fast?

                                                  With LuminarAI, we’ve decided to focus on performance speed and ease of use. This means it creates great results in less time and there’s little to learn up front.

                                                  While many feel that layers, masks, and selections are the only way to work, they can really slow you down. Adding manual steps and extra processing time.

                                                  Most of our tools make selections for you thanks to artificial intelligence. While we offer masking for every tool, you won’t need it 95% of the time. AI perfectly handles the segmentation and application of tools to just the right areas.

                                                  We’ve added a new Local Masking tool that lets you solve the problems that many rely on layers for. With it, you can make specific adjustments for individual areas or people. You can overlay textures or make targeted adjustments. Local masks are also easier to sync with multiple photos and can be stored in a LuminarAI Template. The Local Masking tool eliminates the need for complex layers, bringing results and performance without clutter.

                                                  We’ve also reduced duplicated controls and streamlined all tools. You’ll find that controls are easy to find and feature names that clearly identify their purpose. We’ve removed the barriers of learning a new “language” when editing your photos.

                                                  LuminarAI is easy to learn. It focuses directly on getting results faster. We think you’ll love it.

                                                  Will I be able to migrate my Luminar 3 / Luminar 4 catalog to LuminarAI?

                                                  LuminarAI is a brand-new program, rebuilt from the ground up. It is not an upgrade to the previous version of Luminar. Moreover, we suggest treating LuminarAI as an alternative to all traditional photo editors, including Luminar 4. Because of that, you will not be able to move your catalog directly to LuminarAI.

                                                  Can I use my own skies and objects in LuminarAI?

                                                  Yes, you can use your own sky textures and objects in LuminarAI.

                                                  SkyAI will work with your own photos if they are in one of the following formats: JPEG, PNG and TIFF. Here are guidelines on preparing skies for best results. Augmented SkyAI will work with your own objects if they are in PNG format with the Alpha channel or JPG format with a fully black background.

                                                  Will skies/textures/objects purchased for Luminar 4 work in LuminarAI?

                                                  Yes, your collection of skies, textures and objects will be compatible with LuminarAI.

                                                  How do I get my images into LuminarAI?

                                                  Editing your photos is truly easy. There’s no need to set up new libraries or move your photos around. You can open up single images or entire folders into LuminarAI. There’s no need to move images around as LuminarAI can access any hard drive or synced cloud storage.

                                                  You’re also safe to experiment. Your original image is never modified. Rather the adjustments are stored in the catalog. When you’re done editing, just export the new image. Need to come back in the future, pick up exactly where you left off or make an all new creation.

                                                  All the images you open are tracked and can be easily located. LuminarAI gives you easy ways to find and sort images you’ve edited and chosen to open.

                                                  Additionally, LuminarAI works with photo editing tools from Apple and Adobe. You can access cutting edge artificial intelligence tools from your traditional photo editing software thanks to the LuminarAI plug-ins.

                                                  Is this program compatible with macOS Monterey?

                                                  Yes, it is fully compatible with macOS 12 Monterey.

                                                  Is LuminarAI translated into my language?

                                                  LuminarAI currently supports English, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Korean, Japanese and Dutch. We're constantly working on adding support for more languages. If yours isn't on the list yet, check back later or drop us an email. We’ll make sure the product team gets your request for future development!

                                                  App Requirements


                                                  Mac Model

                                                  MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, iMac Pro, Mac Pro, Mac mini, early 2010 or newer


                                                  CPU Intel® Core™ i5 or better

                                                  OS version

                                                  macOS 10.14.6 or higher.


                                                  Memory 8 GB RAM or more (16+ GB RAM is recommended)

                                                  Disk space

                                                  Hard disk 10 GB free space; SSD for best performance


                                                  1280x768 size or better



                                                  Windows-based hardware PC with mouse or similar input device


                                                  CPU Intel® Core™ i5 or better, AMD Ryzen™ 5 or better

                                                  OS version

                                                  10 version 1909 or higher (only 64-bit OS)


                                                  Memory 8 GB RAM or more (16+ GB RAM is recommended)

                                                  Disk space

                                                  Hard disk 10 GB free space; SSD for best performance


                                                  1280x768 size or better


                                                  Open GL 3.3 or later compatible graphics card