Around the World Kit

Transform photos from your adventures into truly special images with this all-in-one Luminar Kit perfect for travel photographers. With hand-picked creative assets and an in-depth guide, easily create memorable travel photos.

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Around the World Kit by Team Skylum

What is included in the Around the World Kit?

Think of a Kit as a toolbox with various instruments that let you experiment and achieve the effects you want in your photos.

The Around the World Kit helps you boost creativity and have fun with editing your photos.

7 Presets for adventure photos compatible with Luminar Neo and Luminar AI

5 Skies to replace plain or overblown ones

5 LUTs with wonderful color grading styles

3 Overlays of instax frames emulating the effect of polaroid-type photos

7 Overlays with handwritten words to personalize your photos

5 Overlays with cute stamps and travel motives

A professional editing guide with tips and instructions from the Luminar team and Skylum Ambassador Jabi Sanz

What photos can I create?

Exciting photos of travels far and wide that explore this great big planet and preserve precious memories with style.

Enhancing Preset + Pink Symphony Sky:

Soften with light pink toning and local masks that enhance the morning sky.

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© OlgaSinenkoBO

City Lights Preset

Add a warm golden glow to your nighttime street snaps.

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© demerzel21

Horizons Preset

Reveal nature's beauty with subtle toning that enhances contrast.

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© YuliyaKirayonakBO

Explorer Preset:

Deliver contrasting tones, can be used for an airplane cabin or other interiors.

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© beorm

Something special

Around the World Kit by Team Skylum(2)

This time Team Skylum prepared something really special for you to make unforgettable memories and share with your loved ones, send a postcard or print on canvas.

Personalize your images with trendy Instax frames in different sizes, or add travel-inspired stamp Overlays like balloons and airplanes.

You can also decorate your photo with an Overlay of the season and the year of your journey to make your photo even more memorable.

Make the most of your travel photos!

a step-by-step guide from Skylum’s top specialists

Explore the tips and tricks of travel photography with Jabi Sanz and Team Skylum. Get step-by-step instructions from pros for unforgettable photos.

Around the World Kit by Team Skylum(3)
Around the World Kit by Team Skylum(4)

Discover top tips, best camera settings, and crucial mistakes to avoid on your next shoot

Around the World Kit by Team Skylum(4)

Interview about what makes or breaks a travel photo

Around the World Kit by Team Skylum(4)

Step-by-step instructions from Skylum Ambassador Jabi Sanz on how to prepare for a photo trip

About Universal Landscape Kit

What inspired you to create this Kit devoted to travel photography?

Taking pictures is an essential part of traveling for me, and probably for a lot of other people too. It’s a way to commit to memory my impressions, and an opportunity to share my experiences with loved ones and friends after I return from the journey. Therefore, I thought that it would be amazing to develop a full-fledged solution for traveler photographers. With this Kit, it’s possible to stylize your travel photos so that each one is beautiful, impressive and in the same style.

Around the World Kit by Team Skylum(7)
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What can I achieve with this Kit?

Make your travel photos more interesting, creative, and unique with the help of this Kit. Get guidance from start to finish with tips on shooting and editing your photos. If you don’t have time for new photos, you can also use it to breathe new life into your old photos, and add a bit of zest. The Kit contains Presets created specifically to achieve different effects in your travel photography. Plus, there are a variety of Overlays, LUTs, and Skies that are designed for travel photography: from adding an interesting color grading solution, to decorating your photo with cute travel stamps. On top of that, you can add an original instax-type frame that will give a retro vibe and create a perfect composition — something you can only add in post-processing.

Around the World Kit by Team Skylum(8)
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We will guide you through this wonderful photo journey!

From the moment you come up with your idea, we’ll help you choose the right location, decide on the technical nuances of the setup, clearly convey the atmosphere, and figure out all the other important details. You’ll get exclusive tips from specialists on the Skylum team, including mistakes to avoid when composing your shot and tips on how to work with your model. Plus, you’ll get a universal travel Kit of processing tools (Presets, LUTs, Skies, and Overlays) and a detailed guide on how to use them to achieve your desired effect when editing your photos.

Around the World Kit by Team Skylum(9)
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Around the World Kit

Get everything you need to turn shots from your worldwide travels into magical keepsakes: from guidance to assets with unique effects – achieve photo results that impress!

$ 39 .00

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Around the World Kit by Team Skylum
Around the World Kit by Team Skylum(11)