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Kate Phellini

Fashion photography is not only about showing off the outfits or jewellery anymore. My real goal is to combine the story of the brand, its so-called DNA, with my own vision and every other element of the photoshoot: the character of the model, the colors and textures we choose to include in the frame, the lighting, and even my camera settings. I believe that’s the way you can gain the best results and tell profound stories.

Nancy Da Campo

Composition is the first aspect of photography to be mastered when talking about architecture. It’s really important to train the eye to see patterns, recognize leading lines, and frame the structure you want to capture while taking into consideration the main lines and geometry that make the skeleton of that structure.

Michele Grenier

My life and environment was in the gym: That’s where I started practicing. Being a woman in a male-dominated industry is a strength. Women have a unique point of view and sensibility. We often are closer to our and others’ emotions. I always felt like I was exactly where I was supposed to be, regardless of the sport, the event, or who I was working with. Because well… I’ve never second guessed that’s where I belonged!

Eliana Lopes

I love capturing women’s beauty. We are all different in our own unique way, and having the chance to capture that is incredible. In my opinion, female photographers (and women in general) are more delicate and calm. We can see and feel things men usually don’t, which I consider a strong point. Finding a way to combine it with photography can make you and your career special and unique.
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