Facebook Cover Photo Maker

Alongside your profile photo, a facebook cover photo co-authors an online first impression. It’s kind of like choosing which online t-shirt you want to wear. And with Luminar’s facebook cover crop ratio, and other editing tools, you can create one that looks good, and fits perfectly.

Luminar’s Facebook
Cover Sizing

Luminar makes it easy to create a cover design with the perfect size compatibility. There’s no need to memorize facebook cover ratios, and no surprises when you upload to facebook. Also, when you pre-size your scene, there is less compression to the upload and your image will appear sharper.

Simply click the crop tool, the scissors on the far right, select ‘ratio’ and go to ‘cover photo’ next to the facebook icon. You’ll see that the exact facebook cover ratio will appear for you to preview the different areas of your image until you get it exactly right. When you have it, press apply!

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Facebook Cover Selection

A facebook cover photo is an important banner you create for your profile. You can change the design, or photo, to suit your current aesthetic style, emotion or message. Be that a landscape photo or a graphic design of 100 cat heads, it’s your expression!

Of course, the overall design will look best if it complements your facebook profile photo. One strategy is making your facebook cover interact with your profile photo in some way--either with content, certain colour palettes or a theme. If you have a simple profile photo, try a busier, lively facebook cover photo to balance it out. Busy facebook profile photo? Try a photo with cleaner lines, like your favorite horizon shot.

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Facebook Cover
Editing in Luminar

Luminar has over sixty presets and numerous filters for you to create any cover look you want. For example, use the same preset like ‘film noir’, or ‘happy memories’ on both your profile shot and your banner to create continuity! Or, create your own look--try experimenting with different filter options, like an HSL filter to make specific colours stand out.

Also, if you want to beat the normal quality loss during a social media upload, you can use contrast and sharpening filters to your image look as clear as possible. Try it!

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Luminar advantage

Luminar makes your photos more beautiful, vivid and sharp. It is the next generation photo software that is adapts to your skill level and photography style.

Noise Reduction

Digital Noise is just not as attractive as that old-school film grain. This is why Luminar offers an easy-to-use and effective adjustable noise reduction tool.

Layer mask

A layer mask can allow you to both selectively blend different pictures together, as well as apply editing effects only to the areas of your photo that you want.

Dehaze Filter

Shooting RAW files or in a bit of light fog can occasionally make our photos look a bit washed out. For these times, Luminar offers the “Dehaze” filter.

New AI tools in Luminar 4
and more...

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