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Want a cool background for your photo? Choose from simple monotone backgrounds or elaborate scenes that will add depth and help you tell a story.

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Romance Backgrounds

$ 15 .00

Halloween Backgrounds

$ 15 .00

Ultimate Timber Backdrops

$ 39 .00

Secret Spaces Backgrounds

$ 9 .00

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Painterly Landscapes Backgrounds

$ 19 .00

Sophisticated Black Backgrounds

$ 25 .00

Fun Shapes Backgrounds

$ 15 .00

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Colorful Backgrounds

$ 9 .00

Magic Mood Backgrounds

$ 15 .00

Mixed Backgrounds

$ 15 .00

Creative Backgrounds

$ 15 .00

Basic Backgrounds

$ 9 .00

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Discover the Perfect Backgrounds For Image Editing

Find the best background images for editing at Skylum's Marketplace to up your photo editing skills. With a wide selection of photo backdrops, you can transform ordinary pictures into stunning visual compositions. 

Whether you're working on portraits, nature, or creative projects, the right scene can make all the difference in enhancing your photos' overall aesthetic and impact.

Reasons to start using the backgrounds pack today:

  • Versatility Across Genres
  • Professional-Looking Compositions
  • Personal Customization
  • Time-Saving
  • Wide Selection
  • High-Quality and Realistic
  • Convenient and Accessible

When choosing a scene for an image, it's essential to consider its mood, subject, and overall composition. The right background can create a harmonious visual balance, highlight the main subject, or evoke specific emotions. Using preset backgrounds designed specifically for image editing, you can easily customize the editing process, saving time and effort.

Whether you're an experienced photographer, a content creator, or an enthusiast, Skylum's Marketplace offers a vast selection of sets that cater to your editing needs. Unlock your imagination and discover the ideal backdrops to enhance your images!

Customize Your Pics With Digital Backgrounds For Photography

Express your creativity and customize your photos with digital backgrounds for photography, available at Skylum's Marketplace. These versatile backgrounds offer endless possibilities to enhance your images and add a personalized touch.

Skylum's Marketplace offers a wide range of digital photography backdrops to suit various genres and styles. You can choose the ideal digital background to support your concept, from textured surfaces to picturesque landscapes and abstract patterns to atmospheric locations. Create gorgeous and professional-looking edits by incorporating stunning backdrops into your images.

Explore photography digital backgrounds and let your imagination run wild.

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