Universal Landscape Kit

An all-in-one Kit for
Luminar AI and
Luminar Neo that helps you achieve the best photos
in a specific genre and setting. Each Kit includes a preparation guide with practical tips
as well as post-processing assets.

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© rossandhelen

What is included in the Universal Landscape Kit?

Think of a Kit as a toolbox with various instruments that let you experiment and achieve the effects you want in your photos.

Kits are perfectly suited for everyday editing but also let you try on the role of a professional photographer.

10 Presets Luminar Neo (5 pairs, half with built-in Skies, and half without)

10 Templates for Luminar AI with identical effects

5 LUTs for aerial photo and video shoots of panoramas

5 Overlays with atmospheric sun leaks

5 Skies with different times of day and moods

1 professional editing guide with tips and instructions

What photos can I create?

This Kit will help you create dynamic and magnetic landscape photos that will make your viewers fall in love with the depicted spaces.

Before the Storm Preset

Lower white point and add slightly warm toning. Ideal for daytime dramatic shots.


Soft Cotton Sky

Add beautiful fluffy white clouds for a gentle effect.


Before the Storm Overlay

Add softness and color with a light brown sun leak.

Before After
© porbital

Winter Preset

For wonderfully cold winter photos with highlights in slight magenta toning.


Bird of Paradise Sky

Add lilac, pink, and orange hues for a magnificent mood.


Winter Overlay

Add color with this soft pink sun leak.

Before After
© abnodh

Soft Weather Preset

Achieve neutral toning and enhanced clarity. Perfect for daytime photos.


White Valley Sky

Add freshness with a sky of creamy white and light blue clouds.


Soft Weather Overlay

Add a cold tint with a gray sun leak on the top of your photo.

Before After
© nadtochiy

Mountain Sunset Preset

Add a raised black point, cyan blue, and slightly-toned cyan highlights


Tempest Sunset Sky

Add vibrancy with an array of clouds on a colorful background.


Mountain Sunset Overlay

Add a red sun leak to the top of your photo for a sunset mood.

Before After
© VickyDimBO

After Sunset Preset

Get an impressive cold-toned look. Ideal for photos taken at sunset and twilight.


Gloomy Sunrise Sky

Add a melancholic vibe with blue clouds and soft sunshine.


After Sunset Overlay

Add a unique atmosphere with a beautiful horizontal sunshine leak.

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© sirius17

a step-by-step guide from Skylum’s top specialists

This Kit will take you from the moment you pick up your camera to the moment you’re satisfied with the results of your landscape shoot.

Tips and tricks, mistakes to avoid, and best camera settings

Step-by-step instructions to prepare for a landscape photo shoot

About Universal Landscape Kit

What inspired you to create this Kit devoted to travel photography?

I was inspired by my own hobby of photography and editing and retouching. I find joy in creating assets that will help people effortlessly create photos they dreamed of making, and preserve memories of beautiful moments. With this Universal Landscape Kit I wanted to make Presets that are both easy to use and great for enhancing photos. They are designed specifically to accentuate colors and tones, as well as bring out details in your pictures. Plus, they are a great starting point for your experiments. I believe that when used properly they can create beautiful memories that will last a lifetime. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced photographer, I hope you’ll find something in this collection that will inspire you to create beautiful landscapes.

© porbital
What can I achieve with this Kit?

A landscape photo shows the beauty of outdoor spaces, often focusing on nature with minimal man-made features in the frame. Thanks to landscape photos, it’s easy to recall the unique and thrilling experience of being outdoors, especially when traveling.

Create dynamic and magnetic landscape photos that will make your viewers fall in love with the depicted spaces. Whether you’re a hobbyist who likes to take casual photos when traveling, or a professional photographer who specializes in highlighting the natural wonders of the world, you’ll discover something new in all the steps of the process, from preparing to capture images to editing entrancing landscape photos.

© porbital
We will guide you through this wonderful photo journey!

From the moment you come up with your idea, we’ll help you choose the right location, decide on the technical nuances of the setup, clearly convey the atmosphere, correctly use the background, and help you figure out all the other important details.

You’ll get exclusive tips from specialists on the Skylum team, including mistakes to avoid when composing your shot and addtional tips on how to make your photo truly stand out. Plus, you’ll get a universal Kit of processing tools (Presets, LUTs, and Overlays) and a detailed guide on how to use them to achieve your desired effect when editing your photos.

© julensan09

Universal Landscape Kit

Breathe a new life into your landscapes photography. This toolbox of creative assets with a handy guide will help you make incredible photos. Why wait?

$ 59 .00

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