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© Javier Pardina
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© Javier Pardina
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© Javier Pardina
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© kavramm

Print-worthy quality with Upscale AI

Get your photos ready to be printed with the AI-powered Upscale AI Extension. Upscale AI enhances image resolution in a natural way, including for non-raw files. It works with non-raw files and can increase resolution up to 600%. All you need to do is to find a beautiful frame for it.

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© hiperdino67

Wildlife Photography

Reveal your ideal capture

Managed to photograph a bird but it was perched too far away? Upscale photos of wildlife, creating the perfect composition without quality loss.

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© Kuzmafoto

Portrait Photography

Focus on those who matter

Make sure the people in your photos are in the spotlight, without compromising on quality.

Before After
© Sophie_James

Night Photography

Retain full quality

Don’t compromise on quality, even when upscaling nightscapes. Naturally beautiful photos are one click away.

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© Amank79k

Macro Photography

Zoom in on perfect composition

Make tiny flora, insects, and small details the focus of your image.

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© Ksusha Kazak

Deal with misfocus

Everyone had these moments — you catch a perfect composition, a perfect shot, but one accidental movement of your hand, and the focus shifts.

SupersharpAI was developed specifically to help you recover those great photos and naturally restore the sharpness of your image.

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© 14921210

Wildlife Photography

Did the animal move at the last second?

It’s no longer a challenge to photograph animals in motion. Tackle motion blur easily.

Before After
© Kseniia Kazak

Portrait Photography

Make people look gorgeous, every time

Did your hand shift, causing blur and ruining a good portrait? Supersharp AI will help.

Before After
© Javier Pardina

Night Photography

No matter when you shoot

Easily tackle motion blur and misfocus, even in your nightscapes.

Before After
© Kseniia Kazak

Macro Photography

All the tiny details matter

Get picture-perfect sharpness every time, revealing the beauty in your macro photos.

Noise reduction powered by AI

Noiseless AI gets rid of the noise and keeps all the details intact. Unlike many other denoise tools, it does not blur your image.

It recovers all the details and keeps your photo’s a natural look and it works great with both raw and JPEG files.

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© Ksusha Kazak
© Ksusha Kazak
Before After
© JMxImages

Wildlife Photography

Hard-earned shot ruined by grain?

Lower your ISO for wildlife photos without worries. Noiseless AI is here to help.

Before After
© Kseniia Kazak

Portrait Photography

Make every pixel beautiful

Achieve pleasing portraits without unnecessary grain or added blur.

Before After
© Dima Sytnik

Night Photography

Instantly denoise nightscapes

Take your camera out at night and don’t worry about grain.

Before After
© Kseniia Kazak

Macro Photography

Retain all the details, say no to noise

Remove grain and bring out the details of insects, flowers, and other tiny subjects in a natural way.

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Professional photo editing.
Accessible to everyone.

Luminar’s award-winning interface is designed to be convenient for people with different proficiency levels. Complicated multistep tasks are automated with intuitive AI-powered controls.

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6 reasons why Luminar Neo is the best photo editor for you

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Easy to use

Accessible to everyone thanks to an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

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Replace skies, enhance landscapes and portraits, all with AI-powered tools.

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Editing tools

Enjoy a wide range of instruments including layers, masking, and local adjustments.

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Available everywhere

Use it on Windows, macOs, or as a plugin for Photoshop & Lightroom.

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Multiform presets

Achieve quick pro-level results, and a consistent look across your photos.

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Continuous improvement

Receive regular release of updates and new features.

An application & plugin.
For Windows & macOS

  • High-performance image editor
  • 24/7 technical support
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Luminar Neo?

Luminar Neo is easy-to-use photo editing software that empowers photography lovers to express the beauty they imagined using innovative AI-driven tools.

We’ve built Luminar Neo from the ground up to be different from previous Luminar editors. It keeps your favorite LuminarAI tools and expands your arsenal with more state-of-the-art technologies and important changes at its core. Meanwhile, the recognizable Luminar design is retained, making Neo simple to use and fun to explore.

What’s new in Luminar Neo?

Luminar Neo is a giant leap forward to more innovative, AI-based editing.

What differentiates Luminar Neo from all previous versions of Luminar is its modular engine. Modules help to evenly distribute the load for faster image processing. This allows you to apply lots of different tools to an image without significant performance losses and save all edits automatically.

In Luminar Neo, you can find powerful new tools to help fix things in post as fast as possible – and save every moment at its best. What can Luminar Neo help you with? Automatically remove dust spots and power lines, mask objects, and relight the scene; add as many layers as needed to fulfill your complex ideas; plus, use blending and masking modes, make collages, add double exposure effects, and do more on all layers.

The brand-new Luminar Share mobile app for iOS and Android allows you to quickly and seamlessly transfer images from your phone to your computer.

How many devices can I use Luminar Neo on?

The number of devices is stated on the checkout page. Usually, we offer licenses for 1 or 2 devices (“seats”).

Two seats allows you to install and activate Luminar Neo on two devices at once, regardless of their operating system. For example, you can use one seat to activate Luminar Neo on a Mac and the other one to activate Luminar Neo on a Windows computer, or you can use both seats for your Windows or macOS computers. Any combination works!

Moreover, you can always manage your activations in your Skylum Account. You are able to add even more seats in your Skylum Account if you have multiple computers or want to share your license with people who need access.

Are you changing computers or upgrading your device? You can reset a license from your old machine at no cost and activate that license on your new device. Just log in to your Skylum account to reset activations for Luminar Neo.

Do you offer educational and military discounts?

Educational and military discounts are available starting from the official release date and are calculated from the regular sale price.

To secure the special price, click here. If you own a previous version of Luminar or Aurora HDR, we also provide a loyalty discount. Click here to redeem it.

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