How to Create Awesome Tumblr Pictures

 Tumblr has long been one of the most popular, creatively inspiring and easy-to-use social media platforms available. With its uncomplicated interface and simple categorization, it's an outlet that you can become familiar with quickly. It’s also a great place to share and spread your photos.

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Knowing how to make your photos pop and look their best on this platform will help you create something other members will enjoy sharing.

What Kind of Photos to Take

One of the greatest things that Tumblr offers is its ability for viewers to choose the content they want to see. So, if you’re wondering what kind of pictures to post, the answer is simple — whatever you’d like. From flowers to high fashion to puppies, the choice is yours.

Size Matters

To make sure you get the best quality, you'll want to save your final image at the same size it will be displayed, if possible. Otherwise, Tumblr will resize your images to fit the allotted space, which could lead to loss in quality. Tumblr sets a default width of 540 pixels wide for all posts on the dashboard. That’s where most people will see your photos — so, by scaling your images to be 540px wide, you can be reasonably sure that your photos will look excellent. You can also upload a high-resolution photo with a maximum size of 1280px wide x 1920px high.

Photosets and Themes

When you upload multiple images as photosets, some of the images will be resized in the photoset display. However, when people click on those images, they'll expand to 540px wide. Scaling an image up causes the quality to suffer, so set the width for your photoset images at 540px to avoid that. Alternatively, some Tumblr themes are designed to use larger images, so do a bit of research and be sure you know what size photos to upload if you install a theme.

Retouching and Editing

The final step to the perfect end result in photography is retouching and editing. Before you post your shots, make sure they are enhanced and looking their best. To do this, opt for an easy to use and well-priced editing software.

Although Photoshop is probably the best-known editor around, it can be expensive and a little difficult to master. For Mac users, give Luminar from Skylum a try. It’s a powerful, intuitive application at a great price with a free trial. For Windows users — give the free software a try.

Here's a quick list of improvements you can make to your photos before you post them:

  • Resizing: As mentioned above, to make sure your images look their best, resize them to fit the space they'll display in; usually 540 pixels wide
  • Cropping: Even before you resize your photo, crop it down to remove distractions and to make sure your subject stands out.
  • Sharpening: Any digital photo can benefit from sharpening. The trick is not to get carried away. Most high-end applications offer smart sharpening tools that make the process easier. And, keep in mind, it’s often best to reserve this step for last.
  • Retouching: Removing blemishes, dust spots, correcting skin tones, contrast, color shifts and more with retouching will all help your photos stand out and shine.
  • Creative Edits: You might want to add a text layer to say something in your shot. Add shapes, favorites quotes or use clone and stamp.
  • Whether you're using Tumblr to promote your business or just to find pieces of creative photography inspiration, following the simple advice above will help improve the look and impact of your photos.

    From all of here at Skylum, have fun!

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